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What is the consortium and how does it work?   Archives

Started Jul-11 by Gardenbird; 363 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: Gardenbird


I don't understand this at all.

Is there an explanation written down somewhere as to how it works.   The same for Ice Breath.

Haven't a clue what they mean at the moment.

Rgds.  Garden Bird

On the left side of your screen there is a Discussion titled the Consortium.  There you'll find the Consortium Directory with all the information you'll need.  I'm going to CC this post to the Consortium Leader-Debbie who can give you more information.

As for the Ice Breath question you'll find info here:

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi GardenBird!! bird
Thank you so much for asking about the Consortium !! I am Debbie, the Leader of the Consortium and I more then happy to answer any questions you may have about how we may be of assistance to you!!

Thank you so much Tammy two_hearts for pointing GardenBird in the right direction and alerting me to her inquiry. I am very grateful for your unending support and guidance to all players. It is such a pleasure to always see your generous, nurturing spirit towards everyone!! 

GardenBird, as Tammy pointed out, if you look at the Consortium Thread, there is the Consortium Directory which explains what we do and are all about, followed by our Members List . (They are the first post...msg 1. in the Consortium Thread.) You will find the Consortium Thread here....

You may read the explanation there, and I will repost it here for you with some elaboration. relaxed
The Consortium is a group of players and their wonderful, awesome friends who help other players achieve their goals of gaining Seasonal Pets or Achievements. We stockpile seasonal items on our games and gift them as needed. We also have Pet eggs. If a player is seeking to craft Event Pets or Winter Event Pets. Our amazing friends send us their extra items which allow us to have sufficient stores to gift required seasonal items even if the Event is over. 
All a player seeking help has to do is post in the  Consortium Thread. The Consortium Members & their friends answer the post - usually by posting, sending a PM (private message) or an invitation to their game/s.
Please give your playing platform (PC, iOS or Android) , your level , and your Game ID (which you may post in the Thread, or PM to Debbie). That way, the appropriate people can respond. After that, it is a process of gifting the needed items as per the wish list of the recipient.

We ask that you ....
1. You be on the Master List. Provide us with your Game Name as well as your Forum Name.  If not already on the Master List, you may find it here, and leave your information. The super fantabulous Chilpep, will get you at the next revision.
2. Provide your Lvl and Platform. Game ID’s may be posted in the Consortium Thread, or PM’d to Debbie. 
3. Please, if you are aware and have certain goals in mind, let us know what you are seeking help with or donating. Once those Event items are fulfilled, will your intent be to focus on other friends, gameplay, and move on? If so, please make the Consortium aware. If you are uncertain, that is okay as well, we understand circumstances change, just let us know what you have in mind, so we may plan accordingly!! 
4. Please respond to any PM’s you might receive from the Consortium. Having this means of contact is of the utmost importance to us!! Communication is key!! Please always feel free to ask anything that you have questions about. That is what we are here lend a helping hand!! 
5. Please make certain that a small token gift is sent to the Consortium Member at least once a week, simply so we know you are still active. If you are sending a gift that you would like returned, please communicate that with your Consortium Member so we may return it to you. We are here to help and enhance your gameplay, not take away from your inventory.

I hope this answers some of your questions about the Consortium!! I am excited to discuss with you how we may be of help to you! 
Thank you so much for reaching out!! 
Please send me a PM or post in the Consortium Thread!! 
I look forward to hearing from!! 

Debbie rainbow


From: Gardenbird



I will be in touch at some point.

Really need to read this through a couple of times first to make sure I understand it 



Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



Feel free to contact us anytime...even if just to say “Hello”:!! 
We are always here to help !! relaxed

Debbie rainbow