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Get 20 Pet Medallions in 24 Hours   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-13 by Katijay (Katijay46); 1987 views.
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From: snowmany


1.  Exclusive pets?  What am I missing because I don't remember any

2.  Have bought all the pets.  How do I unlock the exclusive food?  I'm sure it's related to #1, but dunno for sure.

3.  Wish the devs could find a nicer challenge because getting these stupid medallions is a real pain when you need them; otherwise they show up in spaded.  Thanks. Snowmany

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


There’s much more detailed information in the strategy guide around a level 69? But to summarize once you get to level 69 and open the ghostly chest ZZ you can start collecting blue keys (destiny keys) once you get 50 of those you can craft keys of fate to open chest where you also get the exclusive pets. Exclusive food unlocks & starts dropping from HOS once to get your 1st exclusive pet which is usually Rainbows dragon.

From: TJ (StarBlazes)

6:31 AM

There’s much more detailed information in the strategy guide around a level 69?

Here is the link and the information you're looking for starts with Msg 158:


From: AEGram


snowmany said:

1.  Exclusive pets?  What am I missing because I don't remember any

As stated above by TJ......the Exclusive pets come from the Ghostly Chest. The best, complete info is on message 158 of the MC Game Guide as TJ has also provided a link to.

That said....the GAME will require you to craft the Keys of Fate 3x between Level 69 and 71. The first time you craft the Keys of Fate is to open the Ghostly Chest (a ZZ introduced at Level 69). From the Ghostly Chest, you will receive the Portal Activator. (If you looked in the GC before you actually open it, you will see ONLY the Portal Activator. However, if you once again look inside after you get the Portal Activator, you will see the Rainbow Dragon. Once you get the Rainbow Dragon, looking inside the chest will show you the remaining 3 pets (Fire Dragon, Sea Serpent, Woolly-Paw) and 5 bags of Exclusive Food.)

Once you secure one of the Exclusive Pets, the Exclusive Pet Food is unlocked and you will receive it randomly from HOS completion same as you do with the other regular types of pet food.

The second game instance you need to craft the Keys of Fate is to open the Cargo Hold for Pete.

The third time, you are sent to the Ghostly Chest by Lord Chamberlain. You will receive the Ocean Guide from that visit.

At no time in the game are players told about the exclusive pets hidden in the Ghostly Chest. One player just got curious and looked. That person posted in the original BF forum and it became well-known by players.  But, if a player just goes through the game......isn't a member of some forum.....or doesn't have a friend who plays the game who knows about them --- that player will probably never know about the Exclusive Pets (unless, they also get curious and look in the Ghostly Chest).

Bottom must be on Level 69 to be able to secure the Exclusive Pets and unlock the Exclusive Pet Food.

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From: snowmany


Thanks AEGram. I honestly don't remember seeing those on level 69, but I was there a couple years ago now.  I guess I'll just have to woefully miss that opportunity as I'm now at level 101.  Thank you for the info.

Missed the Lord Chamberlainanniversary room also in 2019 because I was sick most of last year.  Sigh.  Stay safe. 


From: attie1234


Hi Snowmany!  Please don’t be discouraged! There is still a way to get the pets. First things first, go to the Dark Tower and then to the Dark Portal. Look in the Ghostly Chest and then click on the “i”. You should see the Rainbow Dragon in it. You will need to craft the Keys of Fate to open the chest. You might even have enough of the Destiny Keys to do that or even diamonds but if not add them and might even a Keys of Fate to your wishlist.  Once (I hope it’s only a glitch) we get back the blue key quests you will be able to get the 50 Destiny Keys it takes to craft the Keys of Fate on your own. Good Luck!  bird Attie/Benit


From: Frogger1965


Oh I wish I had know this, I am now on level 82 and only have 10 keys.  I have put them on my fish list (fingers crossed).  I Just want to confirm I understand this right.  We will be able to play for keys again when everyone is waiting for an update.  Do you have to be at the highest level for that to happen?


From: attie1234


Hi Frogger!  I will keep my fingers crossed that you will get lots of keys from friends!  I know you will be able to do the blue key quests again as you level up but I do not remember exactly at what levels.  Hoping someone will come along and enlighten us. Good Luck and Have Fun! four_leaf_clover

It appears that at the end of the most recent update, which brought players to Level 102, the blue key requests didn't appear.  So I would guess that blue key quests will appear as usual until you reach Level 102.


From: butch53


I have 1700 blue keys, and gift them to anyone who has them onb their list.  what is your user ID (ipad I hope?)