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Help! Need info for Support   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Jul-14 by susiewastaken (susietaken); 429 views.

My game was sent back to level one and then restored SOMEWHAT during the Easter event.  

Elephant restored my level but with some achievements and the majority of inventory gone.

Customer support is now asking for a detailed list of my achievements AND THAT is what I need your help with.  

 I know I had all the achievements except for the final parts of three DQ achievements.  And the 2 for Trina. 

Even had Magic Miser!  (sniff!)  

I had just paid to open/furnish every slot in the Spring Room 3 (cherry blossom boat room) and don't have the shards now to fix any private rooms….so my questions now are:

How many slots/furnishings are there?  If a player has updated every stick of furniture, would that equal FURNITURE FINDER?? And COZY CUBBY?

Thanks in advance kissing_heart


ps.  HAD all the pets...just discovered am missing Champion!

(tournament topper achievement)

So, one more many pets if we had all? 85 with Champion or am I overlooking another pet?

PPS.   How many possible achievements?


Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi Susietaken

You need to send a ticket to Big Fish Games and work with them. They may be able to restore the rest of your game.


From: AEGram


I'll do my best to give some answers.....With the creation of Spring 3 room (the one with no HOS), we had sufficient slots available to get Cozy Cubby. With the creation of the Anniversary Room, we had sufficient furniture upgrades to complete Furniture Finder. I don't know the total number of slots and furniture upgrades we've been given, If you want a list of all the slots and what you can upgrade to in each slot, check out the listing in the MC Game Guide....It's on page 3 and is listed in messages 38 through and including 41: Using the list, you could count how many are available if you still need to know.

There are now a total of 85 pets, including Champion................And, if you have Champion, you should also have the Avatars: Hero and Heroine because we got Hero for the first level; Heroine for the second level, and Champion for the third level. .....................No one can help you to know what Avatars you had also gotten, but there's a thread connected to the Complete Index that lists each one and what is required to unlock them. Certainly any related to the achievements should also be unlocked. If you'd completed all of the CCs it makes it also easy for knowing which of those avatars you've earned.

You can easily know how many achievements are available because all of us have the same amount possible. The total is listed at the bottom of your achievement page: 339............Each level counts as an achievement.....So, you're missing 3 for each final DQ achievement. ....Depending on how many of Trina's quests you had done would give you the remaining numbers....The worst you would have in your total at the bottom is 330/339.....If you'd completed the first 50 of Trina's quests, then there are only 4 remaining of those achievements (2 for each level), which would give you a number of 332/339.

I think those are answers to the asked questions......however, I have one of my own. Did you contact Big Fish or Elephant Games for game restoration? Big Fish generally cannot restore everything. But, Elephant Games can restore your game to it's exact amounts of everything.

In addition to avatars, achievements, must have also had a large amount of inventory. There's absolutely no way players can be expected to take pictures or document how many of each item they have in inventory! Add to that the coins, shards, and diamonds and there's a great deal lost. 

I'm not sure just how current the game restoration would be from Elephant Games, but I'd bet it would be far closer than what you have received so far. Good luck!!!!!

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This helps a lot. kissing_heart

I put in a ticket with Big Fish, but that same day I emailed Elephant support and have only been working with Elephant on this.  (Maybe BF ignored as I went over them for help)

This was not the common..."oops, back to zero with new id number"...I never lost my id number nor friends, just my level and most of my inventory. 

When they 'restored' my level, they gave me a generous amount of diamonds, but my coin dropped from 6 million to 4 million.  Shards are so few that I don't want to attempt Trina at the moment nor begin to fix all the private rooms on my own.  

Inventory looks crazy...think my 'restored' game began with (for example) one blood lotus, ZERO banners of loyalty, almost no food (had hundreds each), maybe 20 airship items (had over a thousand each), same with stamps.   More random weirdness: all new Easter puzzles locked that had been opened, have many zoom zones requiring 3 items with many of one thing zero of other 2.   In some places, have good amount of newer items, yet zip on oldies. Have a decent amount of some event items, but not pet eggs.

Thanks, again, for reminding me that Tournament Topper awarded more than the pet Champion.  Thought I was missing 14 avatars, now know to report 16!



In reply toRe: msg 4

Oh, had forgotten that anniversary room was considered Spring/Easter didn't feel like a holiday room without an hos, so barely used it. 

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Anniversary room Does have an HOS ..

huh?  (shrug)

Doesn't matter right now, but thanks


From: AEGram


susiewastaken (susietaken) said:

Oh, had forgotten that anniversary room was considered Spring/Easter didn't feel like a holiday room without an hos, so barely used it. 

Anniversary Room was always the Anniversary has nothing to do with Spring. That room has an HOS called Many Gifts.

There are now 4 spring rooms....The first is a back yard scene from which we accessed the Spring Terrace; the second is an indoor scene that has 3 HOSs inside it. The third looked like an attic room has a fairy in it...there is no HOS in this room. It was created (in my opinion) so players would have sufficient slots to complete Cozy Cubby.... The fourth is the scene with cherry blossoms -- it has one HOS called Cherry Blossom Creek.

Ok, great info. wink

Have played/accessed all of the MC private rooms, and have played for all its years.

My game hasn't looked right for months since it crashed in April. 

Didn't mean to start any confusion here by incorrectly calling the new room of 2020  Spring Room 3.


another edit:

Was just on the game and peeked into my private room (I have the newest one up with the boat) to click the chest and noticed my sign says SPRING ROOM 4!  (so, I did know what was what at the time) stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I really do appreciate your help, AEG.   

Hopefully Elephant team can restore more of my inventory before I wind up spending too much on the CC...virtual coin and diamonds that mind is already gone.