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Avatars -- When Unlocked   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/17/18 by AEGram; 14690 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
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From: AEGram


Mind Corruptress – 39th CC, 10 tasks
Roland, Guardian Cat – 39th CC, 20 tasks
Ramona, Guardian Cat*** – 39th CC, 30 tasks
Lepidopterologist – Lepidopterologist, level 3
Zoologist – Zoologist, level 3
Herbalist – Herbalist, level 3

***or choose any other avatar missed in a previous CC

Additional Note: Some players may display a Robin Hood* avatar. Per KarenJCM, it was an offer that popped up randomly if you had your social page connected to Facebook around 2018. Since iPad doesn't connect to Facebook anymore, I doubt it will be offered again. It was not listed in the achievements section of the game...just a random popup.  (If someone displays this, most likely it will show as a blank mannequin because it will not be among your avatars in your achievements section.)

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