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Added new game.   Friends

Started Jul-28 by JaneBond1; 352 views.

From: JaneBond1


Hi Everyone! 

  Happy Tuesday to all. Hoping everyone is happy and sassy.  I finally did it!  I opened a new game in PC.  I had gotten to the last update on my first game & decided it was time to try to add another game. I asked my grand-son-in-law, who works as an IT geek, to walk me thru it and it was a breeze with him making all the right decisions.

   So.... my new game is Kodi ID# 875638 on PC. Once this CC is over I plan on putting JaneBond1 on vacation until either the anniversary room opens or the FE starts.  I ask that all of my friends invite KODI as a new friend. I will send out invites also. 

   Chilipep would you please add Kodi to our Master PC list?  Now I'm off to conquer the castle.


From: Honeyphan


Hi JB1 - will send your new game an invite soon! :)

About the anniversary room - when I read here that it was in last year's July update, I thought that was when MC actually started - July 25th - but upon looking into it further, I see now that their true anniversary is in December... when MC first was released on PC.

So now I'm wondering if the anniversary room will stick to that anniversary - the true anniversary of the game - and have that and the Christmas room open during the Christmas season event... (for us to flip flop back and forth with lol)

Until it opens, I've put up a different room, but the minute I hear it's up (if they do have it early) I will switch!  :)


From: PenWeb


Hi JB1 !

I am a member of the Consortium, and will invite you to my 4 games ASAP.  Nell, Nell2, OneCent and GMA  are willing and able to help you "catch up" on any of the Seasonal Event items you will be needing/wanting.

Please read the message in the Consortium folder about the other members. and consider adding them to you Friends list also. Any questions about the Consortium? Ask Debbie.