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Craft 15 items in 60 minutes   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Aug-2 by Katijay (Katijay46); 410 views.

Crafting the Simple Food is usually the fastest and easiest and depending on your level you could come out ahead with coin, for those with plenty of coin crafting the Special Food is only 100 more coins....For those working on the shard achievement and like playing the puzzles you can play for items that you can use to craft the high shard items...I did that during a CC and got over a 1,000 shards....there is a list in the files that you can find the high shard counts of crafted items...if someone knows where that file is please feel free to post it here...

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Was trying to edit the 1st post, but for some reason wouldn't let me...You also work this with a Professor Pinfeather character or DQ or if your lucky both...


From: Honeyphan


Have one of my character quests ready and waiting to craft (sadly it's only one available since the other is a ZZ quest and only one character is available for tasks this round)...

Since I have to really limit my coin use right now so as to meet my goal of progressing in game, I have been collecting flowers and suns on my wishlist for a month, planning for this day (so I won't have to spend any coin to craft - and will then have spring wreaths to shard or use for coin, if I get desperate :))

Planning ahead is always good idea with the CC's that is why I am glad we have this space for people to share how they attack the CC's!...


From: Honeyphan


So true, Katijay! :)

And I am thankful to you for having these threads to advise us - and to share our thoughts on how best to achieve the challenges! :)