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please do me a favor and   Technical Issues

Started Aug-13 by dairrr; 499 views.

From: dairrr


please do me a favor and open your friend listing then open search tab type in the # 1 just the 1 then tell me what comes up....

most of you know i will just friend search for no reason see who will join me on my list...and well this morning i typed 1 and walla....slex id 1 came up....sure i didn't request friendship with..a pain at requesting friendship listing with strangers yes i am... irresponsible at friendship with no..... will someone report slex id 1 to  who we report all strangeness oddness toooooo........TY dair

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From: mmpendo


I have no idea what you're talking about. I think I wouldn't solicit unknown invites.

When I first came to this game and forum I had asked an old friend from another game to vouch for me. Thanks to her I soon had many good game friends. Then, over time, through the forum, I had requests and sought people whose posts I had a connection to. So my game friends are solid.

Not sure what you're doing.