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Started 9/2/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 15725 views.
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From: GogaT


Would you be so kind as to tell me what to do:
I can't download the new update because my Game Manager doesn't have the Updates Tab but only the Queue with the number zero.
Someone recommended to uninstall the Game Manager and then reinstall it. I am afraid of losing my game on the level 106 and don't know how to save it and install into the new Game Manager.
Pretty please help me and thank you in advance!

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Let's try something else first................

Open your Game Manager, click on Options in the upper right corner, a new box should pop up. Click on the Downloads tab, under Game Updates click Manually and then Check for Updates, the update should appear. 

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Let's see if Tammy's plan works first.


From: GogaT


Thank you but unfortunately it didn't work. It's always the same when i am trying to download MC-update.
Look at my screenshots. 



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I'm sorry that didn't work...............

Here is where you'll find info on how to uninstall/reinstall the Game Manager.....

Technical – Big Fish Games Help (

And here you'll find info about backing up your game..............

Back up of game (

Good luck!!


From: GogaT


Thank you so very much!

I'll do it later or tomorrow because I'm waiting for my guests

Take care and stay safe and healthy!


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You're welcome, happy to help!!

Update, this afternoon............

Another player posted this, sounds easier and may help.......................

From: Marcia68

12:44 PM

Hi, PC users and all, This is how i got the new update. I went to Big Fish game manager and unistalled my game Midnight Castle . You just hit on the icon Trash Can. it will unistall your game. Then you go to Big Fish website and look for the Midnight Castle App and click on install Midnight Castle. It will automatically install back your game that you're playing now and it will continue to install the new update as well.  This is the method i used because everytime i played there would be no new update in my que in the Big Fish game manager . It would say no update . So the unistall and reinstall worked for me. Hopefully this will help

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From: Marcia68


I had to do this on the previous update too. I was just like GogaT scared i would lose my game but it worked. !! Also it worked for the this lastest update. Just hit the trash can next to midnight castle it will unistall your game. Go to Big Fish app and look for Midnight Castle App click on install game. Then got to your game manager and it should be automatically binstalling your game and the new update.