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Started 9/2/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 74063 views.

From: AEGram


Cookie (GulfGuppy) said:

shutdown on my current level, even under a "please wait: freeze. 

Shutting down the game when there was a please wait: freeze resulted in the game save not getting to the server. Hopefully, Big Fish has been able to help you get back more of the original game.

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From: DaMuq


Same thing happened to me last night.  I contacted BFG.  They basically said, "Now that's a shame.  Tell us what you can about your game and we'll do what we can to restore your game.  However, it won't be what you had but a lesser version."  That bites.  I've played this game for a few years.  I may have only been on level 66 but I had accumulated a fair amount of swag.  All of my friends are still listed.  If they kept a record of that I would think they could access the rest.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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From: AEGram


DaMuq said:

If they kept a record of that I would think they could access the rest. 

They aren't keeping a record of that. The reason you still have all your friends is because your friends list is stored on your personal device. The only items relative to the game that are stored on your computer is an ID (so the BF server will know what game to deliver to you) and your friends list.

A.L.L of the game files....your game progress, avatars, pets, achievements, inventory, coinage, floating objects in your event albums......everything relative to the game itself is housed on their servers. 

When you purchase a new device, they can transfer the "progress" from that previous game to the new game....they cannot transfer the friends because they don't have that's on your old device. IF you have an issue with a bad/corrupt version of the Game Manager, you can uninstall/reinstall the game (from your device----PC only!!!!! NOT iOS or Android game!!!!!!) ....when you then download the game again, there's a substantial download as the files from the game get pushed to your computer so you can play the game. The BF server knows what ID/game to deliver to you because that ID isn't removed from your PC when you uninstall the game.......again, it IS removed from an iOS or Android device!!

However.......IF there's a problem with your game save that results in it not making it back to the BF servers, then that "game save" goes off into outer space. There remains no record of that ID on their servers. Soooo, when you launch your game, the server doesn't have that ID, it assumes it's a new player, and delivers the beginning of the game to that player. 

This is the reason (the server having no record of your ID) it does no good to give them a production number; 

The whole issue with game save problems would be resolved/avoided IF Big Fish would have backup servers!!!!!! (And, they should!) Any company running a business without redundant or backup servers is just plain irresponsible. <---my opinion, of course


From: AEGram


Just an observation.....many of us have played the game successfully on PC without issue. However, some people have an occasional hiccup that results in an issue....that I can understand. It's a "one off" situation.

On the other hand, when any one player experiences game loss numerous times, I begin to suspect the device they're using or the Internet service they have. There can be numerous issues on the device itself:     Insufficient memory; insufficient processor capability; an antivirus program denying access to the program's need to modify things on the PC; a faulty graphics card.

There could be issues with power interruption as the game save is being sent. There could be a hiccup in the Internet service as the game save is sent.

IF your PC is always on a  WiFi connection, that could be the issue....try putting an Ethernet cable directly into the PC. WiFi data streams are sent in bursts; Ethernet data streams are a constant flow. Also, I've noticed that over the years as the game size increases and there are more graphics to deal with, there's a greater requirement for a high-speed Internet service. You could check your upload and download speeds over several days at different times of the day to see if your Internet service is delivering to you what they promise.

Since you've lost your game numerous times, I just don't see how it can be the game causing the issue. The game isn't that unstable. If it were, there would be no one who could play. When thousands of users are playing without issue and a handful are having issues, the issue points to either where the device is being used (maybe in a room that has more concrete in the walls to block service), or the device itself (one that is older, using an older operating system than Windows 10, or was an older PC upgraded to Windows 10 and the PC barely met the required specifications to run that OS.

Just random thoughts that come to mind in the search of the why this continues to happen.

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