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Friends Gone Red and other Stuff   Friends

Started Sep-2 by WelshShelley; 1295 views.

From: Elsaemerald


Belated greetings, my friend.

I've been away a very long time due to a head injury. While I'm doing much better the effects still linger so I may not be playing much while trying to balance working from home. I will though re-open my games (Elsaemerald and Suzziesapphire) and at least have my halloween rooms available. One step forward. 

Have missed all my friends here and in the Castle.

warmest regards



From: WelshShelley


Oh Elsa, that is not good news.

How on earth did you get such an injury? Little steps my friend little steps. I have missed you, as I am missing the banter I had with Druid. I think Tia has gone awandering in her desert.

If I can help out with anything you need, please let me know. It's good to see you come back into the fold again.

How is your neck of the woods in Canada? Getting colder by the day I bet. My friend in Montreal, is complaining bitterly about the Fall weather and how once more they are in the Red Zone.

It is just as bad here in Wales, covid wise, and I am staying home, and going out just to get provisions, my meds and walk the dog very close to home.

So glad I was able to get the update and get my game going again.

Please keep well and stay safe, be good to see the RED tag disappear off your name.


Welsh Shelley


From: Elsaemerald


Thanks for your good wishes, WelshShelley

The head injury was nothing exotic I'm afraid. Just a really bad fall in our bathroom that is all modern hard surfaced angles. Could have been much worse but it was bad enough.

Glad to hear you are managing okay and staying safe against Covid. In the west of Canada things were not as bad as Quebec but even here the rates are rising quite dramatically again. And, yes, we had our first snow today. Which means it is going to be more of a challenge to get out for walks every day -- on to the YouTube exercise videos. Both my husband and I are working from home in our apartment -- we try our best to be well choreographed around zoom meetings so we don't overlap. Good thing we like each other relaxed I'm very grateful we still have jobs and are able to do them remotely. 

Stay well, my friend.

warm regards



From: PaulaLoveRNR


Hi Elsa, glad to hear you are doing okay! Missed seeing you on the game.

Sad to say I no longer have my game after the update. I played as PAULA i1798960 and for some reason my game was switched with another user name Perin. I am so disappointed that I no longer have my game and have decided after not getting any response from Big Fish, I have removed all friends and deleted the game. I don’t want to start over, I was at level 100 and had a lot of inventory built up, plus money spent! I appreciate all the help you gave to me thru the years. 

Please take care, I will miss my midnight castle friends. 


From: Elsaemerald


Oh no, Paula! That's terrible. I did see Perin in my invited mail slot and wondered who on earth that was. I will miss you greatly! You have been a great friend. I hope you drop into the forum from time to time to keep in touch.

By the sounds of it I dodged a bullet with the update -- I wasn't back to the Castle yet so it probably just bypassed me. That sounds a nightmare and I am really sorry for players and friends who were affected. 

You will be greatly missed, my friend.

Warmest wishes, Elsa

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Elsa/Suzie! So nice to see you back at least PT. I hope things continue to improve for you. Missed you a lot. Take Care

TLB2 & Twinkle


From: Elsaemerald


Aww, thanks TLB2 

Right now it takes me twice as long to get through each HOS but it will get better. So at least I can play a little and send a few gifts to friends. No CC for me but looking forward to a fall event.

Stay safe!