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IOS 14 and MC   Technical Issues

Started Sep-16 by Myelle (Myelle01); 12243 views.

From: bajon


Should I delete Paige 1 of 2 from my friends?


From: Joann1of9


Thanks for asking.  I haven’t given up on my original iPad yet.  I haven’t figured out how to restore completely from back up yet.  I am really just scared to try.  I had hoped to be able to travel for the holidays and have my daughter do it but it doesn’t look like that will happen.  You can delete Paige and if I get it to work, I will reinvite you.  Congrats on getting all shards for magic miser achievement.  I have picked up over 1500 by visiting friends rooms during this fall event but I still need 25 thousand more!


From: bajon


I won't delete it yet. I did notice it has the current room open so it is still good.

It was so great to get all the shards!! I noticed I was down to needing around 900 so I went thru everything I had and was able to come up with the 900.  Don't know what I will work towards next, not close on the ones not done.  Trying to get a lot of coins for the next update.relaxed

Take care and hope you get the old ipad going.