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Alpha Game 170 From A to Z   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 5310727 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Here are the Rules

  1. All answers must follow in alphabetical order, A follows Z and the round continues.

  2. Only one guess is allowed per letter, and you must wait for at least one player to post before it is your turn again. (However, if the game is stalled on a hard letter, you can post again after one day)

  3. Google is a click away - no skipping the X, Q, J or Z

  4. No Repeats!

  5. No wrong answers

  6. Violation of rules 4 and 5 mean the game is over.  The last person to give a correct answer is the winner and gets to choose a new topic.

  7. If the person who's turn it is to choose a new topic is not available for a considerable amount of time, then you can choose from the topics listed in post Number One or choose one of your own.  Try to avoid repeats, however, unless a great topic was cut short too soon.

  8. The "Unwritten rule" (yes, I am aware of the irony).  Server lag or just poor timing means two people will often both have a turn at the same letter.  If that happens and you are second, then delete or edit your post and try for the next letter.  If there is a server lag significant enough to ensure you don't catch the mistake immediately, then just delete your post later so the answer is still available when that letter comes around again.


Topics used so far (Thanks PTG)

Here is the list to date:

(The) 1960s

(The) 1980s

(The) 1990s

2 Syllable words

6 Letter Words

Accomodation; Acronyms & Abbreviations; Actors (Christian/Forenames); Actors (surnames); Actors/Actresses; Adjectives; Advertising; Africa-the continent; Agriculture; Album Titles; Alcohol Names; Alphabet; Animal photos (with captions); Animal, Vegetable or Mineral; Animation; Anything you can eat Raw; Apple for the Teacher (Holidays); Architecture; Around the World; Art; Artists or Painters; As seen on TV; Asia; At the Movies; Athletes; Australia; Authors (TWICE); Automobiles; Autumn (or the Fall)

Back to School: Barroom Blitz(ed); Baseball; Beverages; Birds; Bodies of Water; Book Titles; Botany; Brand/Product Names; Brewery Names; Business or Agency Name and Function; Butterflies and Moths

Candy; Capital Cities; Caring for Pets; Cartoon / Comic / Anime / Manga characters; Cats and their names; Cat Breeds; Christian/Fore Names and their Meanings; Christmas; Christmas Gifts; Clothes; Cocktails/Mixed Drinks Names; Colours and Hues; Customs & Traditions

Dates; Desserts; Dirty Jobs; Dog Breeds

Ecosystems (and contents): Encyclopedia; Exotic Places; Extinct Animals

Fall (or Autumn); Famous Historical Figures; Famous dramas: Movies or TV shows; Famous Painters; Famous Landmarks; Female Athletes; Fashion & Accessories; Fiction; Fictional Characters; Final Frontier; Flowers; (Food (prepared not raw); Foreign Language Words; Foreign Languages (anything you want); Fossils; From A to Z; Fun Facts; Fun with Animals; Funny Bone

Games; Gemstones; Golf; Grocery Store

Halloween; History; Homes/Houses and their contents; Horses; Hospital/Clinic; Hot Fun in the Summer

Ice Hockey; I'm Hungry; Insects; International cuisine; Islands; It Ends With ......; It happened - when?

Literary Characters (by first name)

Male Athletes (any sports); Male Singers or Musicians (by surname); Mammals; Movie Character Names; Movie Titles (2x);  Music 101; Musical Instruments; Mystery Novels and Thrillers; Mythology

Name that Tune; News junkie; Non-Fiction Book Titles; North America; Not-so Famous Painters; Nouns

Occupations; (The) Olympics

Pets; Phobias (Incomplete topic); Pop Music; Preparing for Winter

Quotes and memes

Raw Food; Reading Rainbow; Restaurants; Rivers (TWICE)

Science Fiction; Settlements; Singers & Bands; Song Titles; South America; Springtime; Stage Names (Individuals and Groups); Stars (Astronomy); Summer activities; Summer Olympics; Summertime; Sweet Tooth

Thanksgiving; Things that fly; Thoroughfares; Transport; Time off; Tis the Season; Trees; Tools.Trade; Toy Store; Trick or Treat; TV Comedy Shows; TV Series; TV Shows; TV Show Characters (2x)

Under the Sea

Vacation; Valuables; Video Game Titles

Water (all about); What R U Wearing?; Where we live; Wine; Winter holidays

Xmas in July

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Some new topics to choose from



Jenifer May 2019:

Okay, so we have a bit of a dead end topic...

I will throw out a few ideas, as I have no idea what you've done in months!

  • Famous Duos (like Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel)

  • Things that have spots

  • Reasons to call 911

  • Food/Drink that is green

  • Things that are sticky

  • Things that make you smile

  • Words ending with N

  • Things that can get you fired

  • Anything that can kill you

Pick one and can move this list to the first post if you like.


Anyone can nominate for this list.  Just ask a staff member to edit this post for you.