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Alpha Game 161 Fashion & Accessories   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3589568 views.

Verona In Love Festival (Verona in Love Festival is celebrated in the city of Verona in Italy. It is organized from 11th to 14th February every year which means that it also includes Valentine's Day. The festival is dedicated to all the romantic couples who wish to celebrate love through poetry, dance, and magic)

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The Wakakusa Yamayaki is an annual festival during which the grass on the hillside of Nara's Mount Wakakusayama is set on fire. The mountain is located at the eastern end of Nara Park, and when it is set alight it can be seen throughout the city. The burning of the mountain itself is preceded by a fireworks display.

Wakakusa Yamayaki: The Mountain Burning Festival | Amusing Planet

Wakakusa Yamayaki: Burning Mountain Festival in Japan | Cultural ...

X Games (is an annual extreme sports event hosted, produced, and broadcast by ESPN. Coverage is also shown on ESPN's sister network, ABC. The inaugural X Games were held during the summer of 1995 in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. Participants compete to win bronze, silver, and gold medals, as well as prize money)

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Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival (In April the Yeouido cherry blossom festival also known as Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. Around 1800 trees Korean cherry trees fully bloom to cover the road to form scenic beauty. This is the most famous festival in Seoul as it allows visitors to experience spring flowers with the taste of Korean food and performance)

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Zeelmania: A healthy-living street fair for the entire commuity. Join us downtown every Monday night from July 6-27 at 6:00-8:00PM. Downtown Zeeland on Main Street between Church & Elm. 134 E. Main Street is a good address to GPS.

Zeelmania | Zeeland

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Accolade (was the central act in the rite of passage ceremonies conferring knighthood in the Middle Ages. From about 1852, the term accolade was used much more generally to mean "praise" or "award" or "honour." It may take many forms, including the tapping of the flat side of a knighting sword on the shoulders of a candidate (who is himself sometimes referred to as an accolade during the ceremony) or an embrace about the neck)

Crawfest (is an annual music, food, and arts festival at Tulane University. Attendees enjoy music, 20,000+ pounds of crawfish, and dozens of local vendors in the heart of New Orleans)

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Deer is another symbol of Chinese good luck. The Chinese word for deer, "lu," means "income." Often the deer is featured in artwork to symbolize luck, success, longevity and prosperity. The animal is also supposed to represent the hope for an overall long and healthy life.

Chinese Symbol For Longevity: Long Life Symbols on Whats-Your-Sign