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Alpha Game 159 The 1990s   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3239319 views.

From: LvlSlgr


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

did "he who shall not be named" have it arrested...............LOL!!

I was wondering the same thing ... LOL

A Quarter of US Citizens are Spaceheads… About 25% of people in the USA believe that the Sun orbits the Earth, and not the other way around.

Red solo cups are a common souvenir to bring back from the United States (young Europeans who travel to the United States reportedly bring red Solo cups home as souvenirs. They’ve seen them used in teen movies like American Pie, Superbad, and Van Wilder and associate them with American parties)

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Siamese Cats have to cross their eyes to see straight!

Crossed eyes are natural to the breed; because of a genetic flaw in their eye structure, traditional Siamese cats basically had to cross their eyes to see straight. These days, selective breeding means that most of the Siamese cats you'll come across won't be cross-eyed.

7 Fascinating Facts About Siamese Cats

Terminator script sold for $1 (The deal with Gale Anne Hurd proved fruitful, and The Terminator went on to make $78.4 million worldwide on a reported $6.4 million budget. The commercial success of The Terminator launched Cameron’s career and started a 30-year franchise that has seen five films, a TV show, comic serializations and countless pieces of merchandise grossing over $1.4 billion since its original release in 1984)

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Is the ugli fruit ugly?

The name refers to the fruit's unsightly appearance, with rough, wrinkled, greenish-yellow rind, wrapped loosely around the orange pulpy citrus inside.

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world (Encircled by a 2-mile border with Italy, Vatican City is an independent city-state that covers just over 100 acres, making it one-eighth the size of New York’s Central Park. Vatican City is governed as an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head. The Vatican mints its own euros, prints its own stamps, issues passports and license plates, operates media outlets and has its own flag and anthem. One government function it lacks: taxation. Museum admission fees, stamp and souvenir sales, and contributions generate the Vatican’s revenue)

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Nearly 97% of the world's water is salty or otherwise undrinkable


  • We need to drink about two liters of water a day to stay healthy. ...
  • All around the world, people use water to make tea. ...
  • The use of sparkling water is on the risethese days, mainly because people are more aware of the health concerns related to drinking soft drinks.

The X-Factor tv show has over 51 versions around the world

Location of different franchises of The X Factor

  Own version
  Joint version
   Regional version

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The Y-factor method is a widely used technique for measuring the gain and noise temperature of an amplifier. It is based on the Johnson–Nyquist noise of a resistor at two different, known temperatures. Consider a microwave amplifier with a 50-ohm impedance with a 50-ohm resistor connected to the amplifier input.

Fun fact?!

Y Factor - Wisdom Rides of America - Manufacturer of Amusement Rides for  Parks, Carnivals, and Entertainment Centers

Well I guess I have time for 1 more................

Zodiac signs were first used for farming (The zodiac system began as an agricultural calendar. Ancient farmers used the positions of the constellations in the sky to determine the right time to sow and harvest. Evidence suggests that this practice dates back thousands of years in the civilisations along the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. For example, farmers checked the moon’s location relative to the constellation. If the moon was in the constellation of any of the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), they would plant leafy annuals, shrubs and trees. If the moon was in the Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus), they would plant underground crops)

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