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Alpha Game 162 Trick or Treat   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3718693 views.

Rap battles have been around since the 5th century 

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Space junk:

  1. Australia already holds the record in the category of “who can be hit by the biggest piece of space junk.” In 1979, the 77-tonne US space station SkyLab disintegrated over Western Australia, peppering the area around the southern coastal town of Esperance with fragments.
  2. There are estimated to be over 128 million pieces of debris smaller than 1 cm (0.39 in) as of January 2019. There are approximately 900,000 pieces from one to ten cm. The current count of large debris (defined as 10 cm across or larger) is 34,000.
  3. While there are about 2,000 active satellites orbiting Earth at the moment, there are also 3,000 dead ones littering space. What's more, there are around 34,000 pieces of space junk bigger than 10 centimetres in size and millions of smaller pieces that could nonetheless prove disastrous if they hit something else.
  4. he International Space Station has been hit by fast-moving debris — but it didn't cause too much damage. Space junk hurtling towards the station smashed into one of its robotic arms, leaving a hole. NASA and the Canadian Space Agency first noticed the damage on Canadarm2 on May 12, according to a recent statement.damage on Canadarm2 on May 12, according to a recent statement.

Facts about space junk

Tigers have striped skin

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The unicycle wasn’t originally called the unicycle. The original patent, filed in 1869 by inventor Frederick Myers, listed the single-wheeled contraption as a “velocipede” – something later backed up by another patent from inventor Battista Scuri in his 1881 patent for a “velocipede.” Now, “velocipede” was just a term for any sort of human-powered cycling machine, but it wasn’t until people started calling two-wheelers bicycles that people started referring to the one-wheeler as a unicycle.

See the source image

See the source image

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Village in Russia called Tsovkra-1is where every resident can tightrope walk (Nestled in midst of the hills of the Greater Caucus Mountains, Russia, there is a tiny, secluded village named Tsovkra-1. The special thing about this village is that every physically able resident can walk a tightrope. In Tsovkra-1, the tradition of tightrope walking has been in existence for over 100 years. No one actually knows how it started. But according to a legend, the tightrope walking tradition evolved as a way to expedite romantic encounters. It states that a long time ago, the young men of this village grew bored of the long trekking required to court the women of neighboring mountainside villages. So, they strung a rope from one side of the valley to another. While most hauled themselves across, the daring ones began to walk the rope to show off. Soon, walking on the tightrope became a prized test of manhood. Over time, Tsovkra-1 produced 17 men and women who became famous for their tightrope-walking skill in circuses. The most glorious days were the decades following World War II. At that time, circuses were extremely popular, and they recruited the best performers from this village. Currently, the village is home to less than 400 people, all of whom possess this skill. Even children are taught tightrope walking in school. However, the tradition is in danger of disappearing since most young people of this village are fleeing due to the hard living conditions and poverty. However, for now, the locals still pride themselves on their amazing skill)

Amazing Russian Tightrope Village

Amazing Russian Tightrope VillageIn the charmingly-named Russian village of Tsovkra-1, everyone's walking a tightrope. Literally.Where else to find Diagonal ...

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Wessex, also known as the Kingdom of the West Saxons, was a large and influential Anglo-Saxon kingdom from 519 to 927AD. From its humble beginnings? ..

Kings and Queens of Wessex 519 - 939 - Totally Timelines

The Filling Station | Why Wessex?

Sophie Wessex's new dress has the most unexpected detailing | HELLO!

Our patron - the Countess of Wessex

X-Men was supposed to have a superhero named Badger (Back when Len Wein was creating Wolverine, he had actually specifically been asked by Marvel to come up with a character with the potential to increase their sales in Canada. That didn't exactly present him with a long list of options, so he decided to base this newcomer to the Marvel Universe on one of the animals that call the Great White North their home. As a result, Wein was left with two options; "Wolverine" and "Badger." Thankfully, he ended up choosing the former as it's hard to imagine that Badger would have found the same level of success even if his adventures had all played out in exactly the same way...)


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Yellowstone National Park is among the oldest national parks In the world. Yellowstone was the first national park to exist in the United States which makes it the oldest park in the country. According to US records, the park was officially instituted by the Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses Grant in 1872. Due to its rich heritage, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other parks that have existed for more than 100 years include Bogd Khan Uul National Park in Mongolia, Royal National Park in Australia, Banff National Park in Canada, and Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

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ZZ Top band name was a tribute to B.B. King (The name of the band was Billy Gibbons' idea. The band had a little apartment covered with concert posters and he noticed that many performers' names used initials. Gibbons particularly noticed B.B. King and Z. Z. Hill and thought of combining the two into "ZZ King", but considered it too similar to the original name. He then figured that "king is going at the top" which brought him to "ZZ Top."



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Well that was the end of Round 10........I learned a lot of new things.  So I guess the next topic is up to me.  I actually had this topic idea for awhile and thanks to a recent reunion I decided to do it now.  

So the next topic is................................The 1990s

Arch Deluxe (was a hamburger sold by the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald's in 1996 and marketed specifically to adults. It was soon discontinued after failing to become popular despite a massive marketing campaign and now is considered one of the most expensive flops of all time)