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Alpha Game 161 Fashion & Accessories   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3547011 views.
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Wessex, also known as the Kingdom of the West Saxons, was a large and influential Anglo-Saxon kingdom from 519 to 927AD. From its humble beginnings? ..

Kings and Queens of Wessex 519 - 939 - Totally Timelines

The Filling Station | Why Wessex?

Sophie Wessex's new dress has the most unexpected detailing | HELLO!

Our patron - the Countess of Wessex

X-Men was supposed to have a superhero named Badger (Back when Len Wein was creating Wolverine, he had actually specifically been asked by Marvel to come up with a character with the potential to increase their sales in Canada. That didn't exactly present him with a long list of options, so he decided to base this newcomer to the Marvel Universe on one of the animals that call the Great White North their home. As a result, Wein was left with two options; "Wolverine" and "Badger." Thankfully, he ended up choosing the former as it's hard to imagine that Badger would have found the same level of success even if his adventures had all played out in exactly the same way...)


From: LvlSlgr


Yellowstone National Park is among the oldest national parks In the world. Yellowstone was the first national park to exist in the United States which makes it the oldest park in the country. According to US records, the park was officially instituted by the Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses Grant in 1872. Due to its rich heritage, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other parks that have existed for more than 100 years include Bogd Khan Uul National Park in Mongolia, Royal National Park in Australia, Banff National Park in Canada, and Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

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ZZ Top band name was a tribute to B.B. King (The name of the band was Billy Gibbons' idea. The band had a little apartment covered with concert posters and he noticed that many performers' names used initials. Gibbons particularly noticed B.B. King and Z. Z. Hill and thought of combining the two into "ZZ King", but considered it too similar to the original name. He then figured that "king is going at the top" which brought him to "ZZ Top."



Bonus fun fact............................

Well that was the end of Round 10........I learned a lot of new things.  So I guess the next topic is up to me.  I actually had this topic idea for awhile and thanks to a recent reunion I decided to do it now.  

So the next topic is................................The 1990s

Arch Deluxe (was a hamburger sold by the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald's in 1996 and marketed specifically to adults. It was soon discontinued after failing to become popular despite a massive marketing campaign and now is considered one of the most expensive flops of all time)


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Wow, I don't remember that at all.

Blossom (1990-1995) - Before she was on the Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik starred on Blossom as charmingly neurotic teen Blossom Russo. Though the show dealt with a lot of standard teen show topics—popularity, dating and “just say no” messaging—Blossom was smarter and more offbeat than the era’s average teen girl. 

Blossom Intro Theme (Dr. John - My Opinionation)

Bem que o Netflix poderia passar esse seriado.

I didn't either...........................

Channel Tunnel (In a ceremony presided over by England's Queen Elizabeth II and French President Francois Mitterand, the  Channel was officially opened in May 1994. Also referred to as the Eurotunnel or Chunnel, is a 50.45-kilometre railway tunnel that connects Folkestone with Coquelles beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. It is the only fixed link between the island of Great Britain and the European mainland. At its lowest point, it is 75 m deep below the sea bed and 115 m below sea level. At 37.9 kilometres, the tunnel has the longest underwater section of any tunnel in the world, and is the third longest railway tunnel in the world. The speed limit for trains through the tunnel is 160 km/h. The Channel Tunnel is owned and operated by Getlink)


From: LvlSlgr


I don't think I would want to take that trip. But at that speed, at least it's not a long one.

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by George Michael & Elton John was number 1 on Billboard for one week Feb. 1, 1992. The pair first performed the song at the Live Aid concert in 1985 (with Michael singing and John playing, featuring backup vocals by Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley and Kiki Dee). Six years later, George Michael's Cover to Cover tour regularly included the song, and for the final show at Wembley Arena, London on 23 March 1991, Michael brought out John as a surprise guest to sing it with him.

DLTSGDOM - George Michael - Elton John.jpg

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson announces he is HIV-positive (On November 7, 1991, basketball legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson stuns the world by announcing his sudden retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers, after testing positive for HIV during a physical)

He returned to play in the 1992 All-Star Game, winning the All-Star MVP Award. After protests from his fellow players, he retired again for four years, but returned in 1996, at age 36, to play 32 games for the Lakers before retiring for the third and final time.

Calling it a night.............................

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Freddie Mercury, the lead singer in the band Queen dies from AIDS in 1991.