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Alpha Game 172 School Days   Fun and Games

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Heiva i Tahiti (is the annual Festival of Polynesian Ma’ohi Culture in French Polynesia. It is a celebration of festivities where the women and men of our fenua gather on the To’ata arena and on the squares of their islands to sing, dance, recite, reveal, and above all, share. Each person, according to their district or island and in the manner of their cultural community, showcases the exuberant beauty of the diversity of this Land that gave us birth, as well as the original genius of the beings who inhabit it. From June 29th to July 15th, 2023 inspired by a theme that resonates with them or by ancient words passed down by their elders, these women and men express the full power and profound intimacy of their cultural identity. They are carried away by the undulations of ‘ori Tahiti, intoxicated by the haunting melodies of a tarava, and reveal their trained bodies and sharp minds through displays of skills and playful or sporting feats. An event primarily For Polynesians and By Polynesians, its renown has reached around the world, and its recognition as an exceptional cultural and identity value extends not only internationally but also, and most importantly, within our vast Pacific region to which we belong. It awakens in each of us our traditions of welcome, hospitality, the sharing of our culture, and the gift of everything that makes us Who we are, ‘o taua ihoa e te Nuna’a Ma’ohi! It is a grand popular celebration that praises our fenua (land) and honors its men and women. And it should be, always! And it should remain so in its primary purpose! The Heiva i Tahiti is the time of the year that marks the recognition by their peers and communities of our islands, of the authors, performers (dancers, singers, musicians, etc.), accomplished artists, exceptional craftsmen, and above all, those who follow in their footsteps. All of them have worked with faith, enthusiasm, and passion, often in very difficult, uncertain, or even improbable conditions, to bring life and spirit to these festivities)

Heiva i Tahiti 2023

Heiva i Tahiti 2018 | Heiva i Tahiti

Tahiti Ora dance group performing during the Winners Showcase, the ...

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Invictus Games - The Invictus Games for 2023 are currently being held in Düsseldorf Germany. The opening ceremony was September 9 and the closing ceremony will be September 16. The Invictus Games is an international multi-sport event first held in 2014, for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans. The word 'Invictus' means 'unconquered', chosen as an embodiment of the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and what they can achieve, post injury. The Invictus Games were founded by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The inspiration came from his 2013 visit to the Warrior Games in the United States, where he witnessed the ability of sport to help both psychologically and physically. The Invictus Games Foundation is the owner of the brand and the selector of future Host Cities. The bidding process for future games started in November 2014. The next event is scheduled to take place in Vancouver Canada in February 2025.

Prince Harry Meets 2023 Invictus Games Volunteers In Dusseldorf: Photo ...

Medals from London 2014 games


Ukrainian team at opening ceremony

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June Bootids (are a meteor shower occurring roughly between 22 June and 2 July each year. In most years their activity is weak, with a zenith hourly rate (ZHR) of only 1 or 2. However, occasional outbursts have been seen, with the outburst of 1916 drawing attention to the previously unrecorded meteor shower. The most recent outburst occurred in 1998, when the ZHR reached up to 100. The meteor shower occurs when the Earth crosses the orbit of Comet Pons-Winnecke, a short-period comet which orbits the Sun once every 6.37 years. They can be very unpredictable. They are also considered very slow meteors, as there are much faster ones. They peak on June 27)

LIVE : June Bootids Meteor Shower 2023 - YouTube

June Bootids Meteor Shower Information



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Kentucky Bourbon Festival - takes place this weekend Sept. 15 - Sept. 17, 2023 in Bardstown, Kentucky.  America’s original bourbon festival celebrates Kentucky bourbon in the Bourbon Capital of the World. Over 50 of Kentucky’s finest distilleries – from the heritage brands you know and love already, to the craft distilleries you need to discover – offering sample pours and bottle sales throughout the festival weekend on Distillers’ Row and Craft Distillers’ Row. Add to that, musical entertainment, food trucks, Bourbon Bar + Cocktail Lounge, Cigar Lounge, Bourbon Marketplace, barrel making demos by Independent Stave Co., the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum, and the KBF Merchandise Tent to get your exclusive festival and distillery wearables.

Bourbon Capital of the World to Host Kentucky Bourbon Festival ...

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La Tomatina (is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, in the east of Spain 30 kilometres (19 mi) from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in a tomato fight purely for entertainment purposes. Since 1945, it has been held on the last Wednesday of August, during a week of festivities in Buñol. La Tomatina Festival started the last Wednesday of August in 1945 when some young people spent time in the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade. The young people decided to take part in a parade with musicians, Giants and Big-Heads figures. One participant's Big-head fell off, as a result of the festivities. The participant flew into a fit of rage, and began hitting everything in their path. There was a market stall of vegetables that fell victim to the fury of the crowd, as people started to pelt each other with tomatoes until the local forces ended the fruit battle. The following year, some young people engaged in a pre-planned quarrel and brought their own tomatoes from home. Although the local forces broke it up, this began the yearly tradition. In the following years, the boys' example was followed by thousands of people. La Tomatina was banned in the early 1950s by Francisco Franco due to the festival's lack of religious importance, however, this did not stop the participants, who were arrested. The people protested the prohibition and the festival was again allowed with more participants. The festivity was again canceled until 1957 when, as a sign of protest, a tomato burial was held. It was a demonstration in which the residents carried a coffin with a huge tomato inside. The parade was accompanied by a music band that played funeral marches. The protest was successful, and La Tomatina Festival was finally permitted and became an official festival. As a result of the report of Javier Basilio, a broadcaster from the Spanish television program called Informe Semanal, the festival started to be known throughout the rest of Spain. Since then, the number of participants increased year after year as well as the excitement about La Tomatina Festival. In 2002, La Tomatina of Buñol was declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism due to its popularity. The 2020 event, which was to be its 75th anniversary, was cancelled in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain. It had only been cancelled once before, in 1957, for political reasons. Due to COVID-19, the 2021 event was also cancelled)

La Tomatina - ??????????? ??????

La Tomatina 2023 - Idethi, Umlando, Izikhangisi Ezinkulu | I-Adotrip

La Tomatina Buñol Valencia 2023



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Mayor's Hike, Bike and Paddle - is an annual event held in Louisville, Kentucky, United States on Memorial Day and again on Labor Day. The event is aimed at promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles among the residents of Louisville. The event is free and non-competitive, open to people of all ages and skill levels. The event features a walk with three different distances, an 11.5-mile round-trip bicycle ride or a 5.5-mile paddle. The walking paths include a short route from the Community Boathouse to the Big Four Bridge and back, a 5K route that spans the Big Four Bridge across to Indiana before returning to the boathouse, and a third route that accommodates those walking with their four-legged friends, pets, and others traveling along Waterfront Park to the Belle of Louisville, back to River Road and then back to the Community Boathouse. This year's event also featured a new river route and a new bike ride that will extend down to Shawnee Park and back up the river. The paddle route ensures that no one ends up in the shipping channel along the river. The event is held at Waterfront Park's Great Lawn from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last year's event saw thousands of people participating in various activities such as cycling, kayaking, and hiking.

Kayak paddle route takes you through the McAlpine Locks on the Ohio River.

C-J Buzz columnist Kirby Adams and David Wicks paddle together with Dan Young of the Mayor's office out of the McAlpine Locks on the Ohio River south of downtown Louisville.
August 22, 2014

Starting line for the bike portion

They also feature exercise "classes" for those who can't participate in the other events.

Thousands come out for Mayor's Hike, Bike, and Paddle at Waterfront Park

Thousands come out for Mayor's Hike, Bike, and Paddle at Waterfront ParkSubscribe to WLKY on YouTube now for more: more Louisville n...

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Nebraskaland Days (is the official state celebration of Nebraska! The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission organized the original festival which debuted in Lincoln in 1965 with a spectacular parade that incorporated the best of Nebraska’s community and culture. The Celebration stayed in Lincoln through 1967, Nebraska’s centennial year, and also included a rodeo, a kids western costume parade, the Miss NEBRASKAland DAYS pageant and the Frontier Revue musical. The creation of the Buffalo Bill Award, given to a film or television star that identified with the Wild West through his or her body of work, brought celebrities like Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda to the state until 2007. In 1968, NEBRASKAland DAYS moved to North Platte, fittingly the city where William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody had his Scout’s Rest Ranch and created America’s first spectator rodeo. Through the hard work of the City and the Celebration’s first board of directors, NEBRASKAland DAYS merged the existing Buffalo Bill Rodeo and Parade into its traditional schedule of events and thus began the NEBRASKAland DAYS we know and love today. The iconic Wild West Arena, located across the road from the Buffalo Bill State Historic Park and the Lincoln County Museum, was completed in 1971. It houses the Buffalo Bill Rodeo, Summer Jam Concert Series and the NEBRASKAland DAYS organization. Fifty-six years after the inaugural Celebration, NEBRASKAland DAYS continues to be a source of pride for North Platte and the state. The “newly” added Summer Jam Concert Series has brought in high-end musical entertainment since 1975, attracting visitors from all over the country. The Buffalo Bill Rodeo committee was inducted in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2008. Every year, thousands of fans know the third week in June means the return of NEBRASKAland DAYS and a good time for all who can be there to experience the celebration)

2023 NEBRASKAland Days: The legendary Frontier Revue returns Sunday

Watch NEBRASKAland DAYS on Parade live right here Saturday 1 p.m.

Wild West Arena Foundation - NEBRASKAland Days

Nebraskaland Days, North Platte | North platte, Day, Nebraska

Wild West Arena under construction.......................

The NEBRASKAland DAYS Wild West Arena during construction in the early ...


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Outdoor Theaters in Kentucky - Summer should be spent outdoors, especially in Kentucky. You may not know that throughout the Bluegrass State, there are a number of outdoor theaters, putting on quality productions of some of your favorite plays and musicals. They all provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the warm, summer evenings while watching an engaging show, surrounded by Kentucky’s natural beauty. There are 10 such theaters in Kentucky; I've been to the three listed below.

The Stephen Foster Story - Bardstown, KY. In idyllic Bardstown, experience what is possibly Kentucky's most well-known outdoor theatre with The Stephen Foster Story. (Comment: This is my favorite and I've been many times. I had a friend who had a role and sang two solos in the play for 37 years.)

Kentucky Shakespeare Festival - Louisville, KY. From May 31st - August 13th, experience a variety of Shakespeare's classics in Central Park in Louisville. The 8pm shows are free, and there are even a number of food trucks set up behind the amphitheater.

Jenny Wiley Theatre - Prestonsburg, KY. Within Jenny Wiley Resort State Park, this outdoor theatre has expanded to year-round productions that include performances in nearby Pikeville. But their outdoor productions are simply magical. This summer, look for favorites such as Madagascar and Tarzan on their outdoor stage.

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Pool Noodles (is a cylindrical piece of flexible, buoyant polyethylene foam. Pool noodles are used by people of all ages while swimming. Pool noodles are useful when learning to swim, for floating, for rescue reaching, in various forms of water play, and for aquatic exercise. The most common dimensions are about 160 centimetres (5 ft 3 in) in length and 7 centimeters (3 in) in diameter. The pool noodle is also used for people who experience difficulties in swimming. The pool noodle is often used to protect sharp edges and corners)

Pool Noodle Games and Activities

How to use pool noodles outside of the water | The Star

not just for use in the pool, pool noodle DIYs..................

PsBattle: Pool noodle throne : r/photoshopbattles

Mother Purchases Extra Pool Noodles And Places Them Around The House ...



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Queens Water Lantern Festival (July 8, 2023) - Water Lantern Festival is more than just an event, it's an experience. We realize that everyone has different life circumstances and many are going through the same struggles and victories, heartfelt losses, and personal gains. These life-events, and the emotions that go along with them make us human. At Water Lantern Festival, we bring everyone together to create an atmosphere of hope, unity, love, and happiness. This event is celebrated in various locations throughout the United States. In Queens, NYC, in 2023 it took place on July 8th at the Fountain of the Planets.

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