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Alpha Game 173-The Last Letter   Fun and Games

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Posse Foundation and Scholarship - The Posse Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that partners with select colleges and universities in the United States to provide student scholarships and leadership training. The unique Posse concept is centered on a cohort-based model that admits students to attend college as part of a "Posse" of 10 peers. Posse connects a network of more than 10,000 scholars and alumni. Posse was founded in 1989, first partnering with Vanderbilt University. After initially recruiting students solely from New York City, the program has expanded to serve students from more than 20 U.S. cities. Posse has partnered with mix of research universities, arts conservatories, and liberal arts colleges that each commit to recruit Posse Scholar cohorts from dedicated regions in the U.S. The organization currently partners with 64 U.S. colleges and universities.

Nominations Open for Posse Scholarship for High School Students | Girls ...

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Quinnipiac University (is a private university in Hamden, Connecticut. The university grants undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. It also hosts the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute)

Quinnipiac University to host two information sessions for prospective ...

Quinnipiac Bobcats Wordmark Logo - NCAA Division I (n-r) (NCAA n-r ...

Quinnipiac University - North Haven Dining Hall - Education Snapshots

The Eight Best Places On Quinnipiac University's Main Campus

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Resident Assistant/Advisor- or "RA - is an upperclassman who is available to college students living in dorms and resident halls. Dorm residents may be more comfortable talking to an RA than an older adult in a sterile on-campus housing office, making this peer-to-peer guidance can be valuable for incoming freshmen.

Substitute Teacher (is a person who teaches a school class when the regular teacher is absent or unavailable; e.g., because of illness, personal leave, maternal leave and so on. "Substitute teacher" (usually abbreviated as "sub") is the most commonly used phrase in the United States, Canada (except Ontario and New Brunswick), India and Ireland, while supply teacher is the most commonly used term in Great Britain and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. The term cover teacher is also used in Great Britain. Common synonyms for substitute teacher include relief teacher or casual relief teacher (used in Australia and New Zealand) and "emergency teacher" (used in some parts of the United States). Other terms, such as "guest teacher", are also used by some schools or districts. Regional variants in terminology are common, such as the use of the term teacher teaching on call (TTOC) in the Canadian province of British Columbia and occasional in Ontario. In the United States, substitute teachers find jobs by first completing the application and interview process from their local school district. Once approved, they will either be enrolled in an automated calling system or more currently, via a system that uses the internet to post available substitute teaching assignments. Substitutes can also find work by contacting private schools in their district. Most substitute teachers in the U.S. can be assigned to work in all academic subject areas as needed (except for long-term substituting assignments). The substitute is generally responsible for closely following and continuing with the lesson plans left by the teacher, and to maintain student order and productivity. As with locum tenens physicians, the idea is that continuity exists between the work done by the substitute and that done by the other professional. Substitute teachers work with the same students as the regular teacher does. Substitute teachers can often work in multiple schools within one district, as well as for multiple school districts)

Learning How to Be a Good Substitute Teacher | HubPages

Funny School Poems | Funny poems for kids, Poems about school, Funny poems




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Textbook - is a book containing a comprehensive compilation of content in a branch of study with the intention of explaining it. Textbooks are produced to meet the needs of educators, usually at educational institutions. Schoolbooks are textbooks and other books used in schools. Today, many textbooks are published in both print and digital formats.

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Boy are those cartoons a sad sign of the times......................

Undoukai (In Japan, summer’s end ushers in a nationwide school tradition. Students, teachers, family, and other guests gather for a day of outdoor events known as undoukai ??? or sports festival. Undoukai offers something for everyone – some events are taken seriously while others offer light-hearted comic relief. And although a winner is declared at day’s end, undoukai’s true spirit lies beneath its competitive pretenses – one of cooperation. Undoukai’s history dates back to the Meiji period, an era of drastic changes in the formerly isolated nation. In his book Sport and Body Politics in Japan, Wolfram Manzenreiter explains, “The history of school sport days in Japan began with the (probably) first undoukai ever staged by Kaigun Heigakuryou in Tsukiji, Tokyo in March 1873.” Manzenreiter credits English Naval Officer Archibald Douglas with introducing the idea (Manzenreiter 52). The tradition took off from there as Japan pushed to “catch-up” with the west, adapting many western traditions. Ironically Japan’s militarization and its opposition to the West would further solidify undoukai’s place in Japanese culture as an “ideological device used for nationalistic purposes… Marching formations and mass calisthenics demonstrated the result of a disciplinary education that put the body into service of the collective” (53). Although sports festival’s roots may lie in the west, Japan has made undoukai a uniquely Japanese tradition. Manzenreiter goes as far as declaring, “Undoukai can be viewed as a contemporary extension of older traditions, such as the cherry blossom viewing” (53). And anyone involved in the Japanese school system can attest, the tradition is still going strong)

Illustration Undoukai Dessinée à La Main | Vecteur Premium

Japanese School 'Undoukai' (Sports Day) Primary by Bangz Velasco - YouTube

undoukai - YouTube

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Valedictorian - is an academic title for the highest-performing student of a graduating class of an academic institution. The valedictorian is commonly determined by a numerical formula calculated over the entire course of one's high school education. Generally, an academic institution's grade point average (GPA) system is used, but other methods of selection may be used or factored in such as volunteer work or extra-curricular activity. The term is an Anglicized derivation of the Latin vale dicere ("to say farewell"), historically rooted in the valedictorian's traditional role as the final speaker at the graduation ceremony commencement before the students receive their diplomas. The term is not widely used outside the United States, Canada, Kuwait, Egypt, and the Philippines, although some countries may award equivalent titles. 

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Waldorf Education (also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Its educational style is holistic, intended to develop pupils' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills, with a focus on imagination and creativity. Individual teachers have a great deal of autonomy in curriculum content, teaching methods, and governance. Qualitative assessments of student work are integrated into the daily life of the classroom, with standardized testing limited to what is required to enter post-secondary education. The first Waldorf school opened in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. A century later, it has become the largest independent school movement in the world, with more than 1,200 independent schools and nearly 2,000 kindergartens in 75 countries, as well as more than 500 centers for special education in more than 40 countries. There are also numerous Waldorf-based public schools, charter schools, and academies, as well as a homeschooling movement. Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands have the most Waldorf schools. Many Waldorf schools have faced controversy due to Steiner's connections to racist ideology and magical thinking. Others have faced regulatory audits and closure due to concerns over substandard treatment of special needs children. Critics of Waldorf education (e.g. Roger Rawlings) point out the mystical nature of anthroposophy and the incorporation of Steiner's esoteric ideas into the curriculum. Waldorf schools have also been linked to the outbreak of infectious diseases due to the vaccine hesitancy of many Waldorf parents)

Waldorf Education

First Waldorf School......................

Waldorf History | Waldorf school, Schools in usa, Philosophy of education

Rudolf Steiner Quote: “The heart of the Waldorf method is that ...

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xuézha - underachiever in Chinese

Image result for poor student in chinese

YELLOWHAB (is an immersive educational environment that sparks imagination and orbits the child with an ecosystem approach. YELLOWHAB is the first of a network of micro-schools that provides our learners with the opportunity to connect their learning to real-world challenges and across curriculum. Our personalized framework knits together transformative learning opportunities at school, at home, and in the community. YELLOWHAB is located in Norfolk, Virginia and serves children in grades 4-7 in an all-day educational program)

Norfolk VA Images | Resilient Norfolk at YellowHab School

Isidro Quintana on LinkedIn: #YELLOWHAB #WeAreCisco

Pharrell Williams talks his nonprofit and improving education l GMA

The producer and singer behind the organization Yellow talks about the Norfolk, Virginia-based YellowHab, a new micro-school for elementary-aged students.SUB...

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