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daily quests   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Sep-18 by Diannef130; 242 views.

From: Diannef130


This is a wish......

I wish that the daily quests were more varied.  Most of the time, they involve tasks in the main castle and very seldom include tasks from other areas.  It is rather boring doing the same ones over and over.  I also wish there were less air ship tasks.  It would be nice to have a few more without the airship ones so that it is possible to complete more.

Thanks for listening.  If any of the developers or important people in making these decisions see this, thank you for your consideration.



From: LvlSlgr


Hi diannef,

Originally we had 5 different Daily Quests for each type. Then at some point they added 3 more for each type. Then about 2 years ago - because we were requesting pretty much the same as you - they changed those 3 new ones to vary and include HOSs and ZZs from newer areas of the game. Consequently, if you get one of those that varies you never know what the next part is going to ask for. Sometimes it will ask for a very hard ZZ that requires an item from other ZZs (i.e. Crystal Ball in the Library of the Dark Tower area) or maybe 3 of the same item (i.e. Founders Face in the Restricted District of the Town area). And even though we tried to track how these varied we just weren't able to do that because they change too much. So you really don't have a clue what to expect with each part. As someone said when we noticed this ... be careful what you wish for.

It may depend on what level you're at in the game before you start to see the different Daily Quests can vary from time to time.

Sending airships - that's something we all wish didn't happen so often in the Daily Quests. According to my notes, they are required by 2 of the 3-Part Daily Quests, 3 of the 5-Part Daily Quest, but ALL of the 10-Part Daily Quests. And as I'm sure you know, some of the 10-Parters will require 2 airships to be sent. My recommendation is that you try to line up sending an airship with both the Daily Quest and Trina.

BTW, I have to admit my "notes" aren't truly mine. Someone else put together a nice summary and details of each Daily Quest in the old BFG forum which I printed and keep on hand. I'm sure it has probably been carried over to this forum.

Good luck with the game.

ETA: I found the "notes" about the Daily Quests in this forum. Here is the link -

Here's the link for the old BFG forum. It has the ZZs in bold and an hourglass icon to indicate Play Dice and a clock icon to indicate Airship which make them easy to spot in the list.

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