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Dog House/Guard Dog cannot advance past    Technical Issues

Started Sep-19 by PenWeb; 563 views.

From: PenWeb


On Level 101 Rudee of the Islands (9/11 Hear the Appeal) asks to craft the Ring of High Hopes, which needs the Flower of Promise which is found in the Dog House. So I went to "Find", which did not give me the item needed, so I went back to "Find" again, and again, and again, and again etc , still not the item needed, so I finally spent gems to buy it. Then was able to continue


Torrum the Weapon Maker (7/14 Mechanical Portal) said to check the Guard Dog, no item was specified.  Spent gems to return again and again and again, etc, but none of the items will trigger completion of the task.  Cannot continue past this point.

Guess I need to contact Elephant games, but cannot find the link to do so.

Please help me !!!!  I am on PC.

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From: AEGram


Back in Level 100.....Prof Pinfeathers sends you to the Guardian Titan for 14 tasks and to Nala for 14 tasks

Did you, by chance open Nala as well as the Guardian Titan?

For some reason, in the upper levels, it becomes very necessary to open just the first character that one to the end; then open the next character when there are multiple characters to visit from the Pinfeathers quest.

So, Guardian Titan will give you 11 tasks....then on the 12th task send you to Ruler of Islands for 11 tasks and to visit the Crystal Coffin

It is the Ruler of Islands 10th task in which you are to craft the Ring of High Hopes.....

To get the components for that crafted item, you must first open the Table with Treats so you can then open the Ancient Lantern to get the items needed to craft the Ring of High Hopes.

Have you opened both the Table with Treats AND the Ancient Lantern?

IF you are going through the game without opening the ZZs as well as the HOSs as they are required, you can cause issues with the items not being deposited in the appropriate places.

First ....... If you have not opened both the Table pf Treats and the Ancient Lantern, open them to see if that results in the Flower of Promise being placed in the Guard Dog

Second....... Go to the Guard Dog, click on the "i" to see what's inside....There should be two items:

Diamond Tear and Flower of Promise ................  If both items are not there, then you do, indeed, need to contact Elephant Games.

The site for contacting them is as follows:

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From: PenWeb


Thank you, AEGram, for the link to Elephant Games.

Having followed the Forum  for the last 5 years from MC to Delphi, I 've picked up so many hints and tricks, especially the one emphasizing follow the quests in order as given.  I have had very little trouble until now.  as far as I can tell, all ZZs and HOSs are open until this point.

I will contact EG.

Thanks again.

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From: AEGram


Soooooooo sorry your game did not play nice with you.

Elephant Games will need to put the item in the Dog House for you for your issue to be fixed.

Although.....if memory serves me correctly, someone was able to put the missing item on the puzzles and win it. Once they won it, it then appeared in the proper location.

It's worth a shot if you haven't tried that.

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From: PenWeb


Torrum the Weapon Maker did not specify an item from the Dog House, just "check the Guard Dog".

Wish getting whatever via the puzzle would be that easy.

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From: AEGram


PenWeb said:

Torrum the Weapon Maker did not specify an item from the Dog House, just "check the Guard Dog". Wish getting whatever via the puzzle would be that easy.

Correct that Torrum will not specify an item. The upper levels were changed to just specify you go to that place rather than to get "Diamond Tear" or "Flower of Promise" or even show the item desired when sending the player to the location to get the item.

This is because players were asking for that item from the puzzles and not opening the ZZs.

But, I didn't mean to ask for the Flower of Promise to actually open the Guard Dog for the task. My suggestion was to search for the "Flower of Promise" in the puzzle list to first see if it even showed up as an item to be selected. And second to actually ask for it and play until you win it.

Sometimes when actually getting the item in your inventory, it also causes it to show up in the location where it's missing.