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Message about iOS14   Technical Issues

Started Sep-25 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 768 views.

Given the terrible issues surrounding the latest MC update and iOS14, thought I should share some info.  MaryCricket experienced the all too familiar glitch of an inventory item (in her case it was the Earthfire Symbol found in the Reading Nook) missing from its location.  She notified EG of the issue, and the response she received was that their top priority was fixing the iOS14 issue.  Fixing the Earthfire Symbol glitch will have to wait until the iOS14 issue is resolved.  Please be patient. 

She then found these two messages on Facebook:

This one is from BF:

BFG is concentrating on the iOS version 14 compatibility. So please be patient. They are swamped. Please refrain from sending in tickets right now that isn’t related to this matter.

And this one is from Elephant Games Facebook Page:

"Dear players! Because of the iOS 14 release, we are facing some visual glitches in many of our games. We are working hard to fix these issues as fast as possible! Thank you for your patience. P.S. If you stay with iOS 13, for now, you will avoid most of these glitches."

Another player got a message from BF telling them they're doing their best to find a solution to the iOS 14 issue; please do not try to reinstall the game, we will provide a solution soon.


From: attie1234


Thank you for sharing that!  It must be a really huge problem since they haven't gotten it fixed yet.  Fingers crossed! grimacing Attie

Sigh.....unfortunately. I kept iPad on iOS 13.7. Updated game. Non-functioning  updated to iOS 14.01

srill crashes immediately, but. Has launch page in background. Do have back up on PC. 

my oldest game on iOS 9.35, could not update for awhile. Now does the same...opens/crashes immediately, with friends page in background, that closes in a few seconds.  Enough for me to see 19 friend have deleted me , LOLjoy

my iPhone, has game , no MC update and iOS still 13.7. 

sigh.sigh.double,triple sigh pensive 

hopefully BFtropical_fish and/Or EGelephant can repair ...

thanks , dear flutterby, for game least I can read about it and see some pictures of puzzles and such.sunflower


From: WelshShelley


Thanks White Butterfly for the Info.

The Devs must have one big headache now, I don't envy them at all, especially as it is not only MC that has been affected.


Welsh Shelley


From: TridaMC


This update is very strange, this iPad is on 13.7 and has updated with no problem, but other older iPad on 12.4.8  (last update I will get game has crashed just black screen. I am beginning to wonder if it is just midnight Castle and nothing to do with iOS 14. 



From: marbur220


I, too, have a game on iOS 9.3.5 which is also no longer working.  I am definitely not convinced this has anything to do with iOS 14.  Just unfortunate that both upgrades came at the same time...makes it more difficult to track down the primary cause.  IOS 14 doesn’t appear to have broken any of my other apps.

Hope they fix MC before I run out of Cryptic Crosswords...


Appears players have different experiences. I have strong wi-if signal, plus cell service on, connected to and charging. A lot of space to accept update. Sent tickets to both EG and BF...

Hopefully this can be resolvedcold_sweat 


my iOS 9.35 has not been able to update for quite a while. When I contacted BFtropical_fish,  zen desk. Reply stated that game should be able to update, and this would be investigated. Tried latest  update without success. So we wait...kissing_cat