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Puzzle issue   Technical Issues

Started Sep-26 by Dobiesrus (LadyMartha); 372 views.

Just noticed a puzzle glitch and wonder if anyone else has seen it.  When I win an airship item it disappears from the available puzzle items from which to choose but my inventory doesn’t increase by 1 for that item.  I won items 3 times but only the coins flash on the screen.  Otherwise I’m lucky in that I haven’t had the display issues.


From: LvlSlgr


I'm playing PC. I just tried getting an airship item in the puzzle and the number I had increased by 1.

Since you're saying "only the coins flash on the screen" it sounds as if maybe when you lost it was your second loss for that puzzle. If you lose the second time in a puzzle then you forfeit any items you won before that loss. And even though you didn't receive the item it still disappears from the items you can select for the puzzle.

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Update:  I logged out of the game and when I logged back in the item numbers reflected the 3 won earlier.  Another win increased as it should have.  I’m happy the glitch was only temporary.

Nope, it was a definite win, along with a diamond in one case.


From: LvlSlgr


Good to hear that it was only a temporary glitch.