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Game status   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Oct-1 by .Lynne. (rlynj2018); 414 views.

I haven't been online for a bit.  Tonight I logged on and see messages about Castle Challenge, the Fall Event, players talking about Level 100.  I could really use some help and clarification. 

1.  Is there a Castle Challenge?  My game doesn't show it.  

2.  Has the Fall Event started?  Again, my games doesn't show anything.  The flowers are still flowers, not pumpkins.  

3.  I am at Level 97 and haven't been able to go any higher since the last update several months ago.

I see some talk about an update.  My tablet hasn't indicated an update is even available.  I have rebooted the tablet twice.  

FYI - 

ID a1004979



Any help, directions, and/or advice is gratefully appreciated!  Thanks.



From: Susanna502MC


Actually, it looks like you missed 2 updates. One took us up to 100. The last one takes us up to 102 and includes the CC that started Sept 28. The Fall Event hasn't started yet. You should check your Play Store to find the updates. I'm not an expert. If you have any problems or questions, send another post and someone should get back to you.

Thanks Susanna.  I updated and installed the updates.  Guess I better start checking my game every day!  Stay safe!  


From: Susanna502MC


Glad I could help. I have you as a friend on my game.