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Sound dissappeared, iOS   Technical Issues

Started Oct-14 by Smilla123; 530 views.

From: Smilla123


All of a sudden, the sound disappeared, and I can’t find any ways of correcting this. I have searched for updates, closed the game and reopended it, shutting down the iPad and restarted, checked all aspects of Options - no solution.

Has anyone here in the forum encountered the same problem and know the solution? I would be so happy to here from someone with better iPad knowledge as me. 

Mis Sophie (Eva)

That happened to me once, so two things come to mind that you might try:  1) tap the Options Symbol in the top right corner of your screen once you’ve opened the game to verify you’re showing volume. 2) (and this is what happened in my case) Flick downward in the right iPad corner to bring down settings.  Make sure you haven’t accidentally muted the sound, which will be indicated by a slash across the bell symbol.  I hope one of these works for you.  Good luck.


From: Smilla123


Thank you so much, you have helped me a lot.

it seems That the settings live a life of its own, and all I have to do is reset the sound each time I open the game.

happy playing relaxed

You’re welcome . Glad I could help.