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Fall Festival 2020   Archives

Started Oct-28 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 23261 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: marbur220


That’s so true, Dhyaniland!  I have tons of blue keys and gift them whenever they are on someone’s wishlist.


From: chinabell54


Yea!  Finally Halloween/Fall is here!  Thanks!

Alison (a1311369)

From: Alison (a1311369)


What fall pets do you recommend to craft?


From: RavenofGA


One thing they aren't doing is helping me get my game back.  It has been 8 weeks and I haven't heard another word from them since the initial e-mail.  I have sent "issue not resolved" replies about every other week but nothing.


From: Honeyphan


I'm so sorry to hear that!

Did you send to Bigfish or to Elephant games? Or both?

I have read on here that Bigfish is taking longer to get back to players (probably because of the huge lawsuit they are in and less employees after letting so many go + the pandemic) - but I have read on here that Elephant is really good about getting back to people and helping them.

So if you haven't tried yet, I would contact  support at Elephant games. Here is their website:


From: Laurelind


I went directly to Elephant Games over 3 weeks ago about the loss of my game.  Nothing but "we are working on it" replies.


From: cavaliya


2020 was a rough year for them and everyone else in the world - but since the numbers changed on the welcome screen, here's hoping that new content has been uploaded and will show up as a fall event soon. :)


From: Reader90


Hi Gardenbird,

I have an older UK Kindle and have not received the Fall event update either . . . did you end up contacting them?  I sent a help request yesterday.


From: Fallonit


Don’t lose hope!!! My iOS game was finally recovered after two-ish months. I first contacted BF CS and sent a reminder every ten days or so. After 5-6 weeks I contacted EG and eventually Allison from BF wrote back to let me know I was recovered. 

I had started a baby game and was up to level 29 when I opened my game and had an unexpected you must download xxx megabytes to continue the game. I was back at level 63 with a full recovery excluding friends. 

The only loss in my eyes were the diamonds and ghost traps I’d earned in my baby game as they are unable to merge games. 


See you around the castle- SYATC 


You are not the only one that can not get it to update...I have been trying for a month. I finally wrote Big Fish 2 weeks ago. Today I went to play my game, and I see the Big Fish come up, and then a message saying that I need to update my game before I can continue playing. GRRRR

Somehow, (the memory banks are a bit rusty) my Game Manager & Midnight Castle have become separated...when I go to the BF doesn't even show Midnight Castle is a game I play. I have bought diamonds for the game, doesn't something show up?

I had just made it to Level 74... :'(

Lady Diane