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Update on Attie Games   Technical Issues

Started Oct-30 by attie1234; 680 views.

From: MoTom61


Everything looks good this morning.  All friends are back and no disconnect, so far.  Will begin again on Monday.  I'm not that active on weekends, but I'll try playing a few private rooms later on.  Glad to see your new game is going strong.  After Halloween and Christmas events, I should be advancing to higher levels more rapidly.  I have a long way to go!  What game were you talking about in your last message?

Msg 3818.5 deleted

From: attie1234


Hi MoTom!  Yes, thankfully MC seems to be fixed. It was troubling for a few hours with the “cannot connect to server” message. I noticed I didn’t have you as a friend on my new Attie game so I have sent you an invite. Hope you are staying safe and healthy!  Have fun Stormin The Castle! 
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