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Unable to get fall 2020 update on Kindle Fire 8.9   Technical Issues

Started Nov-8 by Anharion; 1120 views.

From: Anharion


I have recently restarted playing MC on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2nd generation) and it all seems to be working fine & I have progressed happily from where I stopped (from records it looks like that was in May 2018! at level 35) to level 49. However I can't find anything about the new Halloween update.  My Kindle Fire tells me that the App was last updated Apr 4, 2020, (I have auto update set) version 1.14.48 although not sure if that version is taken from the Appstore or the actual last update.

Game name was "Ayesha" & I changed it to "Aeysha now Back" & some friends & I have successfully gifted each other.  In view of the issue I currently have I will change the game name to "Aeysha no fall 2020"

I have all rooms up to & including Spring Room 4 so that seems to back up the last updated date, but not the new Halloween room.

I decided to see if the download full content would work & it definitely started downloading x out of 351 (or was it 353?) and the screensaver cut in a few times but when unlocked progression was shown.  However the last time when I unlocked it was back to the game so I have no record of a completion or failure message (if there was one).  When I try that option again it says "There is no additional content to download".  As far as I can tell there has been no change to client or content numbers although previous values are from memory rather than record.

When I start up the game & from the options menu I see 

Server PROD



I have a horrible feeling that my Fire is too old as the Amazon store states that the minimum Android version is 4.4.  Its taken me a while to find what the Fire OS equates to Android version but it appears that it is Android 4.0

Has anyone had this issue or is able to confirm that my problem diagnosis is correct.

If this is the issue then I have to decide between 3 choices

1. Continue with MC main game progressing as far as I can & living with no more events & future updates

2. Give up on MC on Kindle - I do have a PC game that I haven't played for the same amount of time so could go back to that

3. Get a new Fire (or other Android brand) tablet, I suspect my Android smartphone phone would be too small for my eyes & fingers! 

Has anyone got any thoughts on option 3, it does seem rather silly to spend over £100 for the latest Fire HD  (I'm UK based) for just one game (albeit an enjoyable one).  Are there any other pluses on changing to a later model Fire?

Thanks for any advice .


From: Gardenbird


Hi there

I play on a Kindle Fire

I do have the Halloween update

it should read  Content - 2220   Client -  2212   and product 2206

I have auto update turned on, but this didn't work. I had to do it manually

I went to the app store

I pressed the 3 lines at the top on the left hand side.  I went to app updates

It brought up my games

I went to Midnight castle., it didn't say update, but when I pressed on it. it went to a screen that said update

and all I had to do was press that and my kindle  then updated. 

That said -   I have had a save problem since the Sept. update (hat was automatic) in that my Kindle doesn't always save on exit.   This is very frustrating.  I thought the new update would cure the problem, but it hasn't, although it is mostly saving now.  I have reported the fault and am  waiting for a response.

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: Anharion


Thanks for that Gardenbird,  i had tried going to the appstore/ app updates but hadn't tried tapping the MC icon as opposed to the Open box or what's new drop down. 

Unfortunately when I tried it I just got details of the app including video & screenshots but the only option was open which did just that no update option.

This is looking more & more like a veIsion of Kindle Fire that is too old - I got it new in 2013!.


From: Reader90


I'm having the same issue with my older Kindle Fire - please post if you find any resolution!


From: frenciula


Hello, what is the version of android do you have? 

I ask you because in the device i use to play mc i didn't riceive the update and never i will. The fact is that i have Jelly bean, android 4.1, i didn't see the update of mc neither in playstore nor in game and i try to force it installing big fish games app, when i installed it in the play store appear "the game is not yet compatible with your version of android" or something that in english sounds like it. 

So i wrote to elephant game asking to help me to transfer game, i told them old id and a new id that i obtained installing game in other device, that have a "younger" version of  android. In this device and in my phone in wich i start a new mc game, updates were available and i obtained them without problems. Eg answer that later this week they transfer the game... I hope they will remember. 

So, not very good news for all of us that have an old version of android. I would help differently but probably the only way is transfer to a new device. 

Stay safe and good luck :)


  • Edited November 26, 2020 10:46 am  by  frenciula

From: Reader90


I have a Kindle Fire HD 7.5.1, which (based on Google) I think is equivalent to Android 4.4, but like Gardenbird I bought it new in 2014 . . . 

Thanks for your thoughts!


From: frenciula


Me too, i bought the device in 2014. Think that the problem is android 4 and the customizations based on it. If you have the possibility try to update device, i don't know how kindle fires work.


From: Anharion


Sadly today I got the message on my game :-

"This version of the game is out of date. Pleas download the newest version from the App Store.  If it is not yet available, check again in a few minutes"

This means that until I get a new device (I'm taking advantage of Black Friday deals on Amazon)  & my game is transferred over I won't be able to play MC for a while.  I can't see any Amazon update since the last time I checked or any reference to an update since the Fall 2020 on this forum & the last update on Google Playstore is Nov 2nd so it looks like any period of grace for older version(s) of Android built into the app (either client or server) has now lapsed (not that I was aware there was one!)  

I thought I'd post this here in case anyone else is running on older versions of KIndle Fire but not quite as old as mine & might like to be prepared in case this happens to their game.


From: frenciula


Hello, me too this morning. I tried to open the game to gift but appears this message, i opened the forum to write it but you do first stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

I'm still waiting that eg help me to transfer the game, they wrote me the 9 of this month but they do nothing. I think this evening i will write them again. Thank'you for the message, hope to can play soon. If you have another device you can start a new game, i did it and i have much fun even if i know what will happen :)

  • Edited November 26, 2020 11:20 am  by  frenciula

From: frenciula


Hello guys, I write to tell you that this morning i found a big fish mail, that is an answer of one mine dated 04 october. Zeek from Seattle asked me a confirmation of my old id and wanted to know new id to transfer the game. 

So, even if we can't access to the game right now, they still work for help us :) so there is the possibility to have back the game with progress and all. I'm very happy for this news and want to tell you. 

Stay safe and have a good day.