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To everyone on my friends list   Friends

Started Nov-16 by dairrr; 685 views.

From: dairrr


i am truly sorry when i see one of you has suffered a loss of one degree or another with your personal mc game or they become mixed up with another players games...i can't imagine the angst & what all else your going through..but it disturbs me greatly when some of you up and disappear changing my friend count ,your rooms disappear  then walla  days later you just as reappear.. again changing my friends with number.. and there you are ready to be gifted...with a lower level number..

i have to usually use the trash can icon to take someone off of my list...i also have to use the accept icon to take someone onto my list..

this coming & going on & off my list several times a years along with the all else going on with some folks games..grates on my wrong instincts are telling me something is way off kilter with it..

so yes it grieves me to have used the trash can icon to have you remove yourselves from my game..i don't want to hang with what ever it is that is going on with your games least be that noise starts effecting my game..from what ever causes it to try and begin...

i am sorry to see you go.. sorry for your games way big time glitches...

take care

your's truly


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From: Hirento


Hello dair,

I am so sorry that you have such a stressful time with your friends list. I am sure it is nothing sinister going on, you are probably right that some of the players who suddenly show a lower level have suffered the hijack-bug.

But I wonder: if a friend remove themselves from your friend list for any reason, then you will appear in their "invitation"-tab. If they did that by mistake, and click "accept" to get back on your list, perhaps that will give the appearance of coming and going off your list?

I don't think you are on my friend list (I play as Hirento), at least I don't have any friends playing as "Dair", but please let me know if you are.  I could be considerate and remove myself from your list. I really would hate knowing I caused someone angst and disturbance. sweat

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Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


I don't know what level you are on or what device you play on, but I can tell you I am on PC and have two games what at level 51 and one at 102 my lower game has 86 friends and my upper game has 147.  I can tell you with both games it takes time for all your friends to load...if I go straight to my friend list it usually shows 31 if that number does not change I have to reload the game, but it does take time to load all of your friends...If you go straight to your friends room and they have not loaded their room will not be there to play so try waiting a little bit and see if everyone loads...hope this helps...

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From: dairrr


i have been with the game sense it started.. i am well aware of how our friends list load...i am not talking about how friends list load...

i am speaking of folks coding .....i am speaking about those who are doing coding on their own games.. i am speaking of folks using unsupported computers..

nothing sinister going on ???? when someone's  games jump onto someone else's  game becoming a conjoined twin of sorts i call that sinister....

when some one disappears off of your list entirely as if they never were on your list for days... then reappear on different level saying they lost their game.. i call that coding....they are by passing being us to be back on our list ... & are trying to act as if nothing unusual has happened  ...

those antics disturb me .. and i have every right to speak out about it.. and to say onto them personally ...i no longer want to deal with it .... i do not care for you coding yourself on & off of my friends list..because of what ever you have going on with the computer you use to keep your game on ....  that constantly takes your game from you...

with that said....perhaps a bit more clearly....

good bye once again to those i took off my list because of those complaints of mine..from the heeebeegeeebees it cause me to contend with i am not living that angst.... it is unfair of you to ask it of me...

i open my game several times a day everyday sense i opened my own game years ago... and do so because i enjoy the castle environment...i do whatever i need to keep up with my gifting with list...i am not gifting air ship items.. i have a list of who only asks for air ship items that gifts with me.. i check that list every time i open my game and see who i can catch up with...& will continue at it..with them..

mean while ....

"Happy Holidays" To everyone... be well, may peace & well being grace you all....