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Friends of Jdmorgan a660047 moving   Friends

Started Nov-18 by kthreads; 280 views.

From: kthreads


Hi all,

The developers decided to fix the glitch from last March on Chromebooks. Yay! I sent a request to have my game transferred back to my Chromebook from the temporary placement on an old Kindle (fractured screen, sooo not fun to work with) in early October. They came through today and everything "seems" to have moved back over nicely. 

I have sent out friend requests to all my friends. However, a lot of them are red and have old private rooms up so I figure I'll probably only have 2/3rds of the friends accepting. So anyone reading this who isn't already a friend...I welcome you. I swap ice breath and keep current event rooms up and running. 

They advised me to keep my Kindle game in case there are any future Chromebook issues. (Wow... didn't expect them to recommend that)   So anyone who wants to keep that game on your roster, do so. I won't actively play it to advance in level, but I will always put up whatever current holiday event room is running so it will give you an extra room to hunt.

Old number a660047
New number is a1369508 


PC: Janet / Isadora

Android: jdmorgan / jd / Janni


From: Susanna502MC


I saw your invite on my Susanna "new" game. I am not currently playing on my old Susanna game. Still waiting for BF to move it to the new ID. I don't know what will be lost on the new game when (if?) they make the changeover, but the old game is at Level 90. It is on my phone and just too hard to see any more. I hate to bug Elephant Games about it, but probably will eventually.


From: kthreads


I sent in my CS request in sometime about Oct 1.  It took a long time for BF to get back to me after the first canned response.
Since then, I got an additional canned message with "We're reaching out....with COVID there are additional's some articles that may help. ....respond if you still need help.... yada yada yada 
I made sure I responded to those canned messages since they also included an ....If we do not hear from you we will consider the problem resolved and close your ticket....  I think I had 2 days to respond.

I also sent one message about a week or so before they transferred my game with "Just checking in to see if my ticket is still open. I still need my game transferred."

I was about to go to Elephant Games when suddenly BF responded.