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HELP   Welcome!

Started Nov-22 by PlayerMart; 789 views.

From: PlayerMart


Hello All,

MC ID a317699 PlayerMart at Level 61

I currently play MC on an original Kindle Fire (circa 2015).  Recently I had trouble updating another game and figured I would have the same with MC.

I was right. I CANNOT get the Halloween Event. :-(

I tried to get the download from the Big Fish website but received an error message "your browser is out of date."

My browser is the old Silk browser and it CANNOT be updated!

Can an MC player transfer progress to a newer device?

I e-mailed Big Fish over 2 weeks ago but have only received 2 standard generic automated reply emails in return.

I set up an account with Big Fish Games, but see no way to log into the game from the BF site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as there are now only 21 days left on the Event and I have ZERO progress in it.

Thanks much.

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi PlayerMart.

Did you try getting MC from the Amazon App Store? You will need to search the store and get it from MC there.

To answer your question, Yes you can have your game transferred to a newer device as long as it is an android device which includes Kindle. I recommend that you contact Elephant Games to do that. Email and give them all of the details. You should get a better response from them.


From: PlayerMart


HI Myelle (Myelle01)

About a year ago I got a new Kindle Fire and downloaded MC from the Amazon Kindle App Store. I saw no way to input a current User Name or Player ID, so MC assigned me another different player ID at Level 1.

I don't use it.

I will try your suggestion with Elephant Games, that did not occur to me.

Thank you so much.


From: oiuoiu321


I downloaded a newer browser for free.  I like Internet Explorer myself (it allows me to control cookies well, and easily) but I use Firefox for a few things that won't work on IE.

I don't know anything about android devices, but maybe something similar can work for it.  Good luck

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Can you download Google Play and try through there?


From: Anharion


I've been able to run Midnight Castle but can't get the fall update on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9, it appears that it is the 2012 version running the Fire OS based on Android 4.0 but the Amazon store says that Android 4.4 is the minimum version.  As there is no further update to the Fire OS for my device I decided to continue playing the main game until I got a newer device.  I posted this issue here in

Sadly to today MC tells me that my version is out of date & won't let me progress. I was happily playing it sometime in the last couple of days so something has changed in MC since then.

If you want to check the version of your devices's Fire Os against the equivalent Android version then this gives the relevant information.