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When is the next update - I can' go past level 102   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-23 by RubyLucy58; 399 views.

From: RubyLucy58


Hello I'm stuck at level 102 on quest 12 out of 15 with the Huntress.  Big Fish emailed they are working on an update but its been since Halloween.  Anybody know when the next update will be released?

There are roughly only 4 storyline updates a year.  There might be one in December, but with COVID and platform issues, it's anyone's guess.


From: AEGram


No one on the forum knows when the Devs will release new storyline content. Generally those updates come about 3-4 months apart. But, they've also come as long as 6-7 months apart.

We had an update in February (L 95 to L 97), but didn't receive another until July (L 97 to L 100) which was 5 months later. Then we got another update in September (L 100 to L 102). 

We might get an update shortly before the Winter event, but like whitebutterfly54 has already stated, with Covid, it may be delayed.

Bottom line is, it will be released when they have new content to release that's hopefully been well tested on all platforms to prevent download issues.