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No Internet   Friends

Started Nov-24 by anglegirl70; 492 views.

From: anglegirl70


Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been without internet since August. I just got it back today Nov. 24.  I know I've missed a lot.  I don't think there's any way I can catch up with all my gifting and I am very sorry about that.  I hope you can all forgive me.  Seems like I've been gone so long I'm not sure if I'll remember how to play anymore but you can bet I'm gonna get back in and try to get things straightened out.  I just hope I haven't lost all my friends.   I'm not sure where to put this so If you will move it where it should be I would really appreciate it.   I'm gonna go back over to the game and see what I can do now.  Thank you.     Sandy



From: Honeyphan


Still here - and I'll help however I can! :) Glad to see you back!

Wanted to add - if you have a Halloween room, be sure and open it - (you have the spring one up. :)) - and over 18 more days to accrue lots of that lovely coin from the $$$ HOS...

Also - since you haven't had internet you might not know, but there's a new room up! :) Really cool one - one HOS - scroll to end of rooms to see in your private rooms...

  • Edited November 24, 2020 11:26 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: anglegirl70


Thank you.  When I get done here I will go over and take a look


From: oiuoiu321


Welcome back Anglegirl!  We were friends on my old computer (#767818).  I'd love to get you back on my new number 877220.  Hope to hear from you!


From: susieQball


Welcome back sent you a long message in PM  

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Sandy, wave

Noticed your icon had turned green so have already gifted in one or 2 of my games.  Happy to see you return.  It must have been tough without the internet but I am sure you will soon be on top of your game again.  If there is anything I can help you with just ask. 

All the best.

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: akge


Hi Anglegirl,

I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you're back. My computer died about 2 months ago so I ended up with a new one. Which means I had to get a new ID and start over. I did get everything back courtesy of Elephant Games. I am now playing as Kae3 (Kae2 is a feeder game). My id is 8810662 if you want to refriend me. 


Hi Sandy

Welcome back. Glad you are safe and well.