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playing dice   Achievements and Musings

Started Nov-27 by ladyjan108; 577 views.

From: ladyjan108


how do you win items playing dice?


From: Honeyphan


Items only appear instead of money to win when a character quest of the main game is going on. And then it's usually only 2 or 3 dice opponents that have the needed items (for the current quest).


From: oiuoiu321


First you have to have a Character Quest going on.  I'm not sure if a Daily Quest works or not.  The Quest has to be one that needs something from a Zoom Zone.  Either the character is directly asking for that something OR the character wants something you craft that needs something from a Zoom Zone.

Next, you have to have zero of the item needed from a Zoom Zone.  If you have one, the game expects you to use it.  To force this, you can shard/sell all of your inventory of that item until you have zero.

Then that item will show up as a reward for winning dice.  If you have several quests, or several Zoom Zone items needed for one quest, you may have multiple dice opponents showing items as rewards.

Hope this helps.


From: AEGram


Items are only available to be won on the Dice Table when:

You have a character quest asking for an item that you do not have in inventory. 

This item can be from an HOS as well as from a ZZ. It can be an item needed to open a ZZ that you do not have.

Lucky One
1. Win 10 items playing dice – 3 diamonds
2. Win 50 items playing dice – 5 diamonds
3. Win 200 items playing dice – Egg for Gold-Bearing Turtle (pet)

IF you want to work on the Lucky One achievement above, many players have encountered a ZZ that needs opening (but have none of that item).....then you go to the Dice Table to play the character offering that item. If you win it, close out of the Dice Table.

Go to your inventory and delete that item from your inventory.

Reopen the Dice Table and find the character offering that item to be won.

Rinse and repeat until you've won 200 items from the Dice Table.

IF you maintain a very lean inventory, items will periodically appear on the Dice Table as you play. 

IF you're still leveling up, you will always encounter new items introduced in the game.

IF you've maxed out the game and have no new areas to open, you can sell off all of one item OR wait until new content is made available that introduces new items to the game.

Edited to add.......Daily Quests do NOT count toward items to be displayed on the Dice Table.....only the Character Quests that will level you up in the game.

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