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Avatar Alert!   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Dec-4 by Anglesey; 658 views.

From: Anglesey


Hello Everyone

As the CC comes to a close, some of us may wish to choose a different avatar than the offered old man Titan or whatever he's called.  The bad news is that if you play on PC and you didn't get any of the last month's avatars, it appears you won't be able to choose any of those for your final avatar for this month's challenge.  This may also be the case for other platforms so please check!

I wanted to substitute last month's Flora Mistress but I can't-she isn't there. She *is* in my list of avatars but is called "Man with Cane". The Man with Cane is also there and is called "Man with Cane"  confused

See my post in "Technical Issues".


From: Honeyphan


I, too, was hoping to choose her come the summer (since she's more summery and right now I'm trying to get Christmas ones) - maybe it's just a glitch that they will fix in future?

All the avatars that were presented in the last 2 CCs are no longer available, so now I know that in the Christmas CC, when it does come, to pick the third presented if I like it in any way!


From: AEGram

Dec-7 interesting find, Anglesey.

In the department for what it's worth, I do have this avatar (on iPad) and when I click on her, her title is Flora Mistress with her appropriate description.

However, she doesn't bear the little "calendar" icon in the lower left of the avatar screen. 

Fan Dancer, Scythe wielder, and Man with Cane from the 25th Castle Challenge AND

Water Bender, Sand Mage, Flora Mistress from the 26th CC do not bear that distinctive marking.

So, I'm guessing the reason they don't show as an "unlockable" avatar is because they don't have the appropriate little icon to designate them as a CC avatar.

Additionally, Flora Mistress and Water Bender have been changed in the original order of presentation. It was the Flora Mistress that was awarded for completing 30 tasks. Water Bender was the reward for completing 10 tasks.

In reply toRe: msg 3

From: Anglesey


Ah, yes, I now see that the calendar is missing for those avatars.  For anyone wondering-this (red circle) is what we are talking about:

So the curent batch should be OK to choose for next time.  But I would like to get Flora at some point. I wonder if this is fixable?

I haven't contacted EG. I don't know how.