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Anniversary room    Welcome!

Started 12/22/20 by Linlou; 2103 views.

From: MirtaiAmazon


When you talk about the anniversary room, is that the Private Room with a table in the centre, and an HOS with a teddy bear on it to the right?  Because I've been wondering about that.  I've been playing the game just under 2 years, but with a couple of long gaps in the summers of '19 and '20.  (TBH, I don't remember exactly when I started playing!) I opened up my anniversary room, but it's never seemed to do anything when I resumed play with the last Harvest event - I assumed it would come into play when you reached the date/month/whatever you started playing.  But one of my Friends right now has had his Anniversary Room up since the start of the present event, and I've tried the HOS there with no results, every day.  Am I wasting my time, or is it going to become active at some point?

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


the anniversary room was created for the fifth anniversary of MC in the summer of 2019. That is the only year so far the it has been active. Us players are hoping it will be active again this year. 


From: MirtaiAmazon


So it's basically pretty but useless at the moment?  Okay, good to know, thank you.


From: AEGram


As Robert said, the Anniversary Room was created the summer of 2019. 

Many of us were hoping (well, I was hoping) it would become an annual event. After all, I have a wedding anniversary every year. Birthdays come every year.

But, it appears to (currently) be a "one off" type of event. Since we didn't have an annual event the following year (2020), I doubt it will become active this summer either.

My guess is that, based on past practices of the Devs, IF they decide to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MC, they will create another private room. Players will then be able to display either the 5th or the 10th anniversary room at that time. 

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WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


I'm still hoping it will become active again each year at anniversary time. I am hoping last year was the anomaly as people were coping with Covid and lockdowns and things just didn't happen. 

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From: Honeyphan


It seems though, if it was just a one-time thing, they wouldn't have created an achievement for it - those who try to get all achievements cannot reach that goal if they never open the room up again...

Anyone with enough Golden Keys, can go into the Anniversary Room and Complete this Achievement:

Celebrate Together
Unlock 3 slots in Anniversary Room – 3 diamonds
Unlock 5 slots in Anniversary Room – 10 diamonds
Unlock 7 slots in Anniversary Room – Joyful Anabel (avatar)

And depending where you are in the game, completing 
Celebrate Together, could effect these Achievements if you haven’t completed them:

Master of Disguise
1. Open 5 avatars – 1 diamond
2. Open 20 avatars – 5 diamonds
3. Open 50 avatars – Werewolf (avatar)

Cozy Cubby
1. Unlock 2 slots in your private room – 3 diamonds
2. Unlock 15 slots in your private room – 10 diamonds
3. Unlock 50 slots in your private room – 20 diamonds
Furniture Finder
1. Purchase 10 items of furniture in private room – 3 diamonds
2. Purchase 30 items of furniture in private room – 10 diamonds
3. Purchase 100 items of furniture in private room – 20 diamonds

The Achievement that cannot be attained, if they do not reactivate The Anniversary Room, is :

Gifts and Surprises
Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene 5 times – 100 coins
Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene 10 times – 500 coins
Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene – Prof. Pinfeathers (avatar)


This is not an Achievement, but the Raven Egg, needed to craft the adorable Little Raven, is only available from the “Many Gifts” HOS in the Anniversary Celebration Room. 

So if you want/need the adorable little Pet, and you don’t have the Raven Eggs, hopefully your friends or the Consortium can be of help.

Or the Devs could change their minds, or perhaps it had to do with COVID…my thoughts were the same as AEG & WeeSam…I didn’t anticipate the Anniversary Celebration or Anniversary Room, to be just a one off thing. I had hoped, it would be an every year occurrence. 

So fingers crossed , no one but the Devs, know what they are thinking. One day we may be pleasantly surprised to find it reactivated…otherwise, there is always the 10th Anniversary Celebration to look forward to….in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t that far away.

Debbie two_hearts

PS…With much credit to AEGram for her List of Achievements, found in the “Complete Index-Tips, Tricks and Guides” in the Tips, Tricks, Guides, and Advice Folder   


From: Honeyphan


Debbie (Debbie1845) said:

Gifts and Surprises Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene 5 times – 100 coins Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene 10 times – 500 coins Explore the Many Gifts hidden object scene – Prof. Pinfeathers (avatar)

Yes, it was this achievement I was talking about - which can only be done through doing that HOS in that room. :)

I love that we can get the others through the keys, but this one can only be completed thru the Anniversary room being open.

I, too, hope it will be open this year.

I might go to their site and ask again, like I did with the fall event last year (if they would have it, when it was running late) - but no guarantee I'll get an answer like I did last time.

With the spring event concluding today, I think I'll wait a few weeks if I do look them up and do that though...