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Event rooms   Friends

Started Jan-5 by Akjules; 874 views.

From: Akjules


Is there any friends out there that like to take part in the rooms that have multiple ways of earning coin? Possibly changing rooms for maximum coinage? I seem to have aligned with people who like to stick to one room that only give you one way to make extra coin. Selfish, stupid and frustrating! Events are our opportunity  to make maximum coin! I don't get these people!

Anyone need a new friend? My id is a1286610

I don't consider them selfish.  They may not have the keys for Trina to open the room with the 3 HOS.  I am thinking that they may be newer players to the game and this is their first Christmas Event.  They may still need the eggs to create the current pets. I currently have 5 games that I play, one is one permanent 3 HOS room as it is on an old Vista computer and does not have the coin or inventory to play for Trina.  My friends on that one know that this game is for events only.  My 102 level game alternates between room 2 & 3 depending on the time of day I am playing.  Two others are on room 3 because they have a lot players at low levels doing their first event.  The final game is on room 3 and will be for the rest of the event because that computer was unused for months and the password had been forgotten and had no password reset disc.  The tech came on 04/01/21 and fixed my desk top and resurrected that computer.  Some players just like room 3.

The only thing I can suggest is if you do not like the way they play their game delete them and find new friends.  Just be thankful you have the opportunity to make an extra 200 coins per room, any room, to make coin, otherwise you would be like the game pioneers, doing rounds and rounds of the castle to make enough coin to level up.  That gets way beyond tedious and boring.  Been there, done that, got the T Shirt and wear it still.

I hate the fireplace HOS and with my limited time online, it took awhile to get up to the 200 coin level from newest room.  Then, there was getting enough eggs from that scene. 

I might switch but big deal if I don't,  

Will have at least one extra 200 coin HOS from any game friend that wants to pop in and play it.  (I am gifting a lot in whatever xmas room friends have up, so don't consider myself selfish AT ALL. 


From: bajon


I don’t consider you selfish either. Everyone should be able to play their game however they wish,

I'm not a fan of the fireplace scene either.  I will often give it a miss as I have enough pieces from that scene to help others for a while to come.  I much prefer the snow scene and tend to play that and give the others a miss as I get further into this event.  I am alternating rooms so that newer players can get past event parts.  I am so over this event at the moment.  It has to be one of the longest we have ever had. 7 weeks is way too long. Playing to get boxes to put under friend's trees.


From: Honeyphan


I may be in the minority, but I LOVE the fact that the season event is 7 weeks long - 7 weeks to get 250 coins a pop from each festive, pretty christmasy HOS. :) (Thank you devs!)

At least, for those who have grown weary of doing that, they can always ignore the floating ghosties and the private rooms and play the regular HOS at any time. Won't get as much money that way, but it will be a switch back to the norm before the game update appears.

I'm also grateful that they have extended this event (I'm guessing? This is my first winter event to play) - so that the many who were not able to get the download on time, and have even just recently gotten it, still have plenty of time to build their inventory, etc. Very nice!

As for the scenes, the fireplace scene is the least of my favorites - but I don't dislike it. I think it's cozy/warm, with its gentle lamp glow and the hearth beneath it. It's only at #4 for me, because it's sometimes hard to see objects on the dark wood. But I'm not in any race to beat any time clock, now that all my HOS are maxed in all my games, and after doing them so many times, I find that I remember where things are, so I still manage to get that one done quickly. :)

I think the most challenging so far, for me, is the new one - it's sometimes hard to find the smaller objects, even with memory recall! lol

Hope everyone has the event now who was not able to get it before...