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CC not working   Technical Issues

Started Jan-14 by Bemused12; 609 views.

From: Bemused12


The CC in my game does not get updated.  I received Gingerbread cookies from my friends but the count shows 0.

I exited the game and reopened.  Did a lot of HOs but did not receive any Gingerbread cookies so I do not know if this will fix the problem.

Will go back in game and try more HOs.  If that does not work, what can I do.  So close to the end of the CC, it is annoying.

Any helpl would be appreciated.

Edited to say that it has not worked.

  • Edited January 14, 2021 10:46 am  by  Bemused12

From: Hirento


Hello Bemused,

I believe the CC asks for ghosts, i.e the floaters.


From: Bemused12


Well thank you.  I really feel silly.

Bemused, I believe what you collected was the Dreadful Ginger


What you need to collect are the morphing gingerbread cookies with the Wand.  Any six of the following:


From: Bemused12


Thank you.  I have now caught up with the CC.  I need to look at the tasks more carefully.  My game has had a few glitches in the past but this time it was the person operating the keyboard.

LOL, sorry, our notes must have just passed each other by.  It's funny how you get something in your head and it's totally different than what you're seeing.  I've done that so many times while playing the HOSs.  Searching and searching and searching for candy, getting upset because candy isn't there, then checking the list to find out it wants candy cane.  Oooohhhhh, guess I should learn to read.  LOL




Ok OK I've looked at the picture over and over and my mind keeps telling me there is 9 different cookies. Now either I am wrong  or you are and I am not sure of anything I see now. 

Could not believe what happened at Capital, could not believe The Pillow Guy was advising current president,  could not believe that I was seeing someone in my house at night several times. 

Cats  responded to what I was seeing at home by getting between me and what I saw and after a minute they relaxed. So just my son and husband stopped for a New Years visit on wings of angels. 

The rest still baffles me.


LOL, yes there are 9 different cookies, but the Castle Challenge for that day was to collect any 6 gingerbread cookies.  I just posted a pic showing all 9 possibilities.