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Reminder that Winter Event is not over   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-16 by oiuoiu321; 1528 views.

From: oiuoiu321


A lot of people change away from their Christmas Room as soon as the CC is done, but there are 14 more days left of the Winter Event and many friends would love to keep getting the extra coins from their Friends' Christmas Rooms.

I will still be rotating between Christmas Rooms 2 & 3 about half way through game day.


From: Honeyphan


Thank you for bringing this up! :)

If the issue for you guys who are doing this it that you want to show your non-active room with the furniture you have bought, please at least wait until after the event is over - people still visit the rooms to collect shards from the butterflies and open the chests after events.


From: KatieAn56


And don't forget to open all your gifts before the end of the last day of the event or you lose them!! :) I, too will continue to rotate rooms 2 & 3. I never use room 1 as there is no HOS for my friends.

  • Edited January 16, 2021 3:28 pm  by  KatieAn56

From: Honeyphan


Thank you for the add! :) I will be sure to remember to do that.

I also will continue rotating the 3 HOS room and the outdoor snow scene, anywhere from noon to 3 (CST) - when I first get into my games. :)

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From: Moonki


I till have one gift boxes - enough to give all my friends 3 more gifts. I’ll do this over the next 2 weeks - well before the last day. I can only give gifts to friends still in their Christmas rooms. Moonki 

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From: Hirento


Hello Moonki,

In case you didn't already know this;  you can easily get more gift boxes if you want, by trading with the children. relaxed

One can trade for two things with them; either Wands or Gifts. Wands are set as default but if you click on the arrow you can change it to Gifts. You need 5 items for one gift, cheaper than the wands lol.


From: Mara1022


"Open" all our gifts?  Is there a way to open them other than just collecting them?  I'm afraid I don't understand the phrases y'all use in this site.  They always sound like some kind of 'code' words.

I'm just trying to figure out how to gather coins.  As fast as I build up any kind of bank of coins, I end up having to spend them to open new places or craft things.  I'm down to 78 coins now and just yesterday I had over 40,000.

Open or collect mean pretty much the same thing.  You collect the gift and it opens as you collect it.

The way to gather coins is to play the HOS again and again and again, ad infinitum when there is not an event or challenge going on.  During the event play the event rooms as many times as you can stand to do it as each HOS, when maximised, gives 250 coins.  Some private room HOS have no HOS, some one, some three.  Depends on what the player belonging to that room has up at any given time.  

Playing the jigsaw puzzles will give you a guaranteed 50 coins, and often, if you are lucky other items as well.

In the days before the events with the private rooms, I was down to 8 coins, with a lot of crafting coming up.  I decided to play the rounds until I had double the amount of coins needed to craft.  It took longer to level up but it solved my coin shortage. That was many years ago and coins are easier to get these days.  Our mantra back then was "It's not a race, it's a marathon."  To me, that still applies today.


From: GrannyBee


You open your gifts by clicking on the Santa Sack in your private room - that allows you to collect all the gifts that your friends have left for you. :)

Mara, what Trixie said about gathering coins is what you need to do.  Especially now, during an Event.  When I was just beginning and was frustrated over coins, I stopped trying to advance in the game.  All I did, for about 2 weeks, was play the HOSs over and over and over again (these were the days before Event rooms and puzzles).  You don't say what level you're on, but it only gets more expensive the higher you get.

Don't stress yourself out by trying to open everything the game throws at you.  One other little thing I did...if it cost 20,000 coins to open someplace new, I would earn 30,000 or 40,000 before I'd open it.  That way, I could open the new location and possibly one new HOS and then go back to earning coins.

I know the Winter Event is almost over, but the Spring Event is next and that will give you another opportunity to earn extra coins.  For that Event, try to add just Event Friends.  Those who just want to be friends for the rooms to play and are agreeable to being deleted afterwards.  Because the Event HOSs earn you so many more coins, it's a good thing to take advantage of that.