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Game locking up   Technical Issues

Started Jan-16 by mlacomb; 502 views.

From: mlacomb


Hey is anyone else having issues with the game locking up as you finish a HOS in a friends room or when you're trying to exit the game entirely. I can get maybe 3 or 4 HOS done and then it locks up.   I know of at least two other people having the problem.  I've uninstalled and installed the game and rebooted my computer a couple of ties.

This has been an ongoing issue for quite awhile, check out this discussion.......

Please wait!!!!! (

It was really bad for me during this event, so a couple of days ago I transferred my game to a new computer (even thought my other one was only 2 yrs old) and I have gotten the "Please wait.." less frequently.  

As far as exiting the game, since this all started I began using the Task Manager to exit the game.


From: mlacomb


thanks - it seems to be worse today.  Wonder why.  And that's how I have to exit the game also

You're welcome, happy to help.  I really think that Big Fish needs to address their server issues, especially during Events when they know that more people are playing.


From: LvlSlgr


I had the "Please wait" problem also and it was really bad. To the point that it just wasn't fun to play much anymore. My laptop was almost 9 years old and I finally got a new one. The first thing I tried was Midnight Castle and the "Please wait" problem was gone. I can also now exit the game the normal way without any problems. As Tammy said, her laptop was only 2 years old which really isn't that old. 

No, I'm not suggesting getting a new PC to solve the problem. The only reason I did that was because it was time to get one. I was lucky mine lasted as long as it did. But it does seem that the game will play on the newer computers without that problem. This problem started over a year ago and even though several of us opened tickets Big Fish didn't do anything to address the problem. Instead they suggested that our internet speed is too slow, etc. 

Good luck!


From: SharpEye1


I'm so not tech savvy, so forgive me if this sounds silly.  I recently bought my sister a new PC laptop and when researching different models, I noticed that they all now come with Windows 10 S vs. Windows 10, whatever that means.  I just wonder if that has anything to do with it. heart_eyes



From: LvlSlgr


There has already been a short discussion in another thread in this forum about Windows 10 S, but I don't remember where it was. I found this explanation on the internet - 

The biggest difference in Windows 10 S is that can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store. These apps are checked for security and run in a secure container. This ensures that applications can’t mess with your registry, leave files behind, or cause problems with the rest of your PC. You can get the same benefits by running those new Universal apps from the Windows Store on a Windows 10 PC. But unlike normal Windows 10, you won’t have the option of downloading other apps that aren’t available in the store.

So based on that you wouldn't be able to install and run games like Midnight Castle. However, if you purchase a PC with Windows 10 S there is a way around it when you first set up the PC. When I set mine up, it asked if I wanted to stay in "S mode" and I responded "No". Once you do this you cannot go back to "S mode".