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Move Game - Kindle Fire Tablet   Technical Issues

Started Jan-18 by DobieMom; 1220 views.

From: kthreads


My Fire HD10 allows me to save books, movies, etc on an SD card.  I came in checking out tech messages hoping someone figured out how save the Kindle games to an SD card so that I could just transfer the game like we can with PC games. I'm bummed we can't do the same on Kindles.

I am dreading having to deal with this. My husband wants me to purchase a new Fire HD10 with more ram so that maybe my game will quit stalling out, crashing and/or losing progress. I know I have to deal with CS and transferring, and so many people are having to wait months to get their games moved. I'm also afraid they will lose all my inventory and achievements as that happened to my main PC game several years ago. Hooboy....what a decision. New Kindle? Yeah, I want one. But dealing with BF customer service??? Not on my fun things to deal with list.