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Discovered new pet   Welcome!

Started Jan-20 by ilona070; 1275 views.

From: ilona070


Hi everybody,

Helpppp....Who can tell me how to get a “ red/orange cat?! With a golden coin in its paws wil big eyes. Kloee who is my friend has it and i made a pic, but i do not know how to get one of them. 

The pet in question was one that could be won playing the Tournament which was disabled.


From: ilona070


Ohh ok, must of missed that.

thank you for your answer.


You're welcome, happy to help!!

His name is Champion, and you really had to be a champion to get him. I never had a chance with my slow eye hand coordination. In the tournaments you competed against the other players. In the rest of the game you are only competing against yourself. I think that is why they stopped the tournaments. I wish they would have some of the scenes, though, as they were interesting. 


From: ilona070


Hi Smicheltree,

too bad you can’t get him any other way. My tournament rounds were also not very mention worthy... ;-)  but it’s a shame that is the only way to retrieve one. Thank you so much for your kind reply on my question. Ilona

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