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Trina is asking too much in lower level game   Technical Issues

Started Jan-21 by Honeyphan; 407 views.

From: Honeyphan


Hey guys-

In one of my baby games (level 13) that I use as an event room - Trina's quests have gone from low requirements (100 something wheels for airship items, 9 postcards, etc) - to upper level requests - 300 wheels for airship items, 50 HOS, 25 friend cards, etc. (She is asking for as much as she does in my level 102 game each time) -

I have not progressed in the lower level game as in leveling up - all I'm trying to do (besides collect winter eggs for the consortium and gain winter achievements and other winter event stuff) is to do Trina quests to gain all the keys so as to be able to open all the rooms as each event comes up). But when I only have 6 items per crate and she is asking for 300 wheels - this is ridiculous. lol I have slowly, very slowly, been acquiring keys and finally have enough to open all the spring rooms, so at least that's something!

Does anyone else have this problem with their games? (this is only happening with one of my games - all the rest are normal requirements - low requests for low level) - and thankfully I have exceeded in those other games with Trina quests/ keys and have enough to open all rooms, with some left over should any new rooms pop up this year. :)

Any advice what I should do about the other game?

  • Edited January 21, 2021 12:50 am  by  Honeyphan

I have the opposite in my Level 89 or early L90s game, (can't remember which< where Trina is asking for under 50 wheels, where my ships are giving around 300+ wheels.  This does change when the level gets higher but I can't remember where.  I have a level 102 game where she is asking for the 300+ wheels again.  

The only thing I can suggest is to leave Trina quests until after the event when the DQs come back and you may be able to work Trina in with some of them.  That is what I plan to do.


From: datsalotta


I have lower level 23 game. I did not go further because I wanted one of my 4 games to have the original scenes - Winter Garden, Battle Pit, etc. also some of the original ZZ's. If I level up past 23 then they will disappear.

At first I had the same restrictions...hard to get enough airships and keys for Trina. It takes time but eventually and slowly I gained enough inventory to make it all possible. Luckily the number of airships required each time you send a ship is minimal and as I say it just takes longer. Trinas gold keys - same thing - takes time.

Therefore I'm suggesting you level up a bit to have more rooms to gather the inventory you will need.

Hope this helps


datsdat is my level 23 game


From: Honeyphan


Ah, okay. Will do then. :) Thanks, guys.

It's just so frustrating- one of the games I started before it (which is also at level 13 and also begun during this Christmas event) I have already gained 20 some odd keys for, to open all the upcoming event rooms and then some. This game in question, I started a few days later (and am at the same point I stopped in the other level 13 game) I have only just managed to get 3 keys (for spring rooms) because the Trina quests are so high for my poor baby game to manage! argh! lol

It's strange because my other baby game - the first one I opened this event (Honey 2)- is at level 17 and asks for half or less than that glitched one does (the level 17 one also at approx. 20 keys because of that).

datsalotta - I feel the same and will def. keep one of my games at below 23 level, to play the old HOS and see the old scenery - though one of them (probably Honey 2) I plan to take to the black mass part of game, since I didn't get to find all the game interactions with my level 102 game, and I want to do that. lol (I like stumbling across those little surprise interactives that aren't part of the actual game...)

  • Edited January 21, 2021 2:39 pm  by  Honeyphan