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MC's 7th Anniversary **SPOILERS**   Achievements and Musings

Started 1/22/21 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 3575 views.

I see what you're talking about.  That's a good eye to catch the possible symbolism.  The old Fairy Sculpture before it turns into the Elvish Bas-Relief has a wolf, possibly menacing Anabel.  Definitely resembles Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  And I do see what you mean by the cutout on the jug.  Possibly a clue to the future, but that would have been 7 years ago and I'm not so sure the dialog people were thinking 7 years in the future.  I doubt they thought this game would ever last that long.    

And you can tell different hands were involved in the dialog through the years because of the varied storytelling styles.  Like the whole story about the powerful mage Lionel Mercer who helped the Keeper of the Castle.  The early dialog states anyone who asked for Lionel Mercer's help regretted it, but the Keeper of the Castle did ask.  We don't know what help he asked for because part of the agreement was his silence, but we're led to believe the Keeper was turned into the stone statue he is by his involvement with Lionel Mercer.  And we were also led to believe Lionel Mercer is the Ghostly Messenger.

So another writer comes along and decides Adrian should be the Ghostly Messenger and weaves a whole other story around him, the Keeper of the Castle and Lord Chamberlain.  It works, sort of, but the original idea was disrupted and makes for non-cohesive storytelling.  But that's what happens when too many hands are stirring the pot.  

You can definitely tell different hands were at work on the dialog.  The latest update had very long quests, all over 10 and I believe one was even 15.  So that's a lot of dialog but it said absolutely nothing.

The dialog in the beginning was most definitely written by someone who had a background in literature and that made it very interesting to read.

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Thought I'd throw in a few other tidbits of memories I collected:

To further rosiebvt's recollection about the winged cat egg, mj14 wrote on January 28, 2014 about being gifted a winged cat egg before realizing no egg was needed to craft the winged cat; Sizzy said it was now called the "weird egg" and stated "I too think it used to be called the winged cat egg because I also recall thinking it was weird to have an egg for a pet that didn't require an egg in order to craft it."  And Bedazzles wrote "The Weird egg is red, white and blue."  So it seems that the Winged Cat Egg became the Weird Egg became the Odd Egg.  

Back in the days when there were only 7 pets (8 eggs) and the achievement Fan of Pets (now Animal Lover) called for crafting 20 pets, Duncan_14all had a really unique idea.  Maybe the other pets were combinations of the 8 existing eggs; for instance craft the Pegasus Egg with the Manticore Egg to get a totally unique pet.  That could have been interesting!

The Bracelet of Seeing (originally called the Bracelet of Vice) required 1 Symbol of Holy Fire, 1 Symbol of Secret Confession and 4 Sign of Mercy.  That changed in November 2016 when the 4 Sign of Mercy was reduced to 1.

The Fortune Wheel was indeed called the Wheel of Fortune back in 2014.

SignNoMoreLadies in a post dated September 27, 2017 offered suggestions on ways to  acquire past Castle Challenge avatars and, sure enough, in December 13, 2017 11th Castle Challenge, the final avatar awarded could be chosen from among those avatars available.

And in May 2014 gernespieler, thinking he was really cute, wanted a pet "like the little guy from six-paws."  And some believe he was the inspiration behind our Woolly-Paw pet.

Desertdruid, in October 2017, thought "it would be really nice if when we finish the puzzle, the lines would disappear so we can really see it..."  And VOILA, by December 2017 she got her wish and the puzzle lines vanished, allowing an unobstructed view of the picture.

And here's a pic from the past before the Dead Ambassador ZZ changed to the Door Cache...I so much liked the Dead Ambassador better:


From: judeplayer


Thanks so much for the memories of the Castle beginnings. I have started playing from the beginning on my iPhone and so much has changed. You get a lot more gifts from John !!