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Still running like Crap   Technical Issues

Started Jan-31 by mlacomb; 2535 views.

From: Tannie2018


I have the same issue since the event. I can only do about 15 puzzles before i have to restart my computer. Shutting down game doesn't work. I have restart the computer.  It's like the game is leaking memory.

Judy (JudyHBishop)

From: Judy (JudyHBishop)


Hi mlacomb,

I don't know the solution either. My main game is at the top level and can take a considerable length of time to exit. What I do if I want to switch games, I press Control, Alt and Delete together and choose the option switch user to go to my other game. I have yet to take the plunge to change to Windows10.

Take care and stay safe, Judy


From: dairrr


hey hi, i have been wondering what the hay over why is my computer always loading this that the other... then i have no problem getting onto favorite game sites buttt do have a problem with going here there and everywhere available to go to at the site so i did a what the hay search...

i just learned that every version of windows is in the throes of being unsupported...staying connected to the cloud will become more i just learned during the 2/23/2021 update... plus i had to ditch the feeder game i began in September 2020....don't ask...took me nearly 48 hours to straighten out the glitches i encountered at downloading the believe i picked up on feeder games can cause that glitch...during the unsupported processes...

we will all have to get NEW computers because windows 10 x can not be installed on the computers we all have.. they will not be updated with windows 10x...or you will have to use a security compnay prepared to keep your safe and internet able.. you know the odds of them creating another internet highway once windows 10 x is out on the market place in all kinds of computer brands etc...

there will be minimum support  by micro-soft until 2022,there are only two computer brands and models on the market in the moment that is available for Students and business... as i understand it..

i couldn't figure out why my in mint condition printer wouldn't connect to the internet and print a dang thing... 1/2021..just been told it will never ever connect to internet again.. it is fully unsupported...and is kept from....

being in the throes of being unsupported by all versions of windows is what is behind all of our computer woes...

your's truly

dair and yes if your for pc... you can friend me i play as dair....

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Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Read this article, looks like Win 10X is developed/intended for DUAL SCREEN Devices, and is NOT intended to replace our existing Windows 10 operating systems on our existing devices.

It is RUMORED that Windows 10X might be coming to new, commercial single-screen Windows 10 laptops and tablets in the spring of 2021.

We shall see if/when that actually happens.  But this does NOT mean we HAVE to replace our existing Windows devices, unless we WANT to.  Or when our existing devices crap out . . . still we can buy a last years' model.

We shall see . . .


From: mlacomb


Just got my new laptop in Wednesday and it came with windows 10 home.  But the game still plays like crap. Even before I got my game successfully loaded there was a lag with moving the mouse.  It's like it's talking to the server at snail speed.  I don't have this probalem with anything else.  And all the S/W and drivers for everything are up to speed.  Got any ideas 


From: myvalek


I have the same problem in a new PC. The mouse starts to hack and then the whole game. I have to turn off the game through the task manager or log out. I also have a problem receiving and sending gifts. I have 4 games and I'm thinking of ending the games. You can't play games this way. After years of playing, I'm sorry, but no one knows the answer to how to fix everything. Player RENATKA, MYVALEK, KAJA a NATALI


From: mdpetdoc


I find that the speed of your internet connection makes a big difference in how MC plays. As long as my upload speed is at least 5 mbps, it works fine.


From: myvalek


I have high speed internet. Download up to 300mb / s and upload up to 20mb / s. The game worked well on an old PC.


From: grushver2


This is interesting, albeit not in a good way.  Sorry to hear folks having these issues.  My issue is slightly different, and it seemed to begin around the time of the new content.  If i play steadily, say for more than 30 minutes, all of a sudden the data in the game gets ratty; the 'hi scores' for HOS's goes away except mine,  the background music gets stuck, etc....  I have to log out; (or, if it won't let me, ALT"CTRL"DEL.  Then i'll restart the computer ( a 3 month old Windows 10 HP desktop).  Then the game goes back to working for awhile.  The other issue is if i'm listening to music through a different browser, and playing the game at the same time.  Before the update, i could do this continuously with no problems.  Since the update, if i'm listening to music, the data issue will start after about 15 minutes of playing time.

I'm considering  a ticket to BF, though their response time of late is horrific.  The other thing i'm thinking of is uninstalling game, then re-installing.  However i've never done this and worry i'll mess things up worse.  I play as DLS151, Sparty, Sparty2, Sparty3.

I had a whole lot of problems with this update running smooth too.  I know from past experience that if my name is the only one that appears as a score in the HOS, I immediately close out the game.  Even though the game is closed, it never really shuts down, so I have to bring up Task Manager to shut the game down from there.  Then just go back in and play for however long I can before it happens again.

grushver2, I would try the Task Manager rather than shutting down your computer.  Just locate Midnight Castle on the Processes Tab, click to highlight it, then click End Task.  That should shut down the game and bring up the Game Manager.  Safer for the game than shutting down your computer, if you have that choice.