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update cost   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Feb-24 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 962 views.

This one is VERY expensive ---- over 300K


From: katiek2


Not only in coins.  The crafting is using a LOT of stamps.


From: AEGram


Total cost for the update issued on February 23/24 (23rd for PC; 24th for iOS and Android):

346,440 coins -- if you have to craft every item as well as open all the areas, HOSs, and ZZs

Stamp cost: 259 plain; 107 unusual; 91 rare; 29 unique

Level 102 (previous update was 16,900 into Level 102; cost an additional 120,750 coins, so the entire level ended up costing 137,650

Level 103 was 143,880 coins

But....we coasted in Levels 104 and 105 because Level 104 was only 41,900 and Level 105 was only 36,410

Can't really count Level 106 because we just barely got into the level, but so far total cost has been 3,500 

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This is the worst update for the crafting and coin needed.  I regret only having one game now and have resorted to going into my stamps for extra funds and the eggs I had on hand.  Have to do more HOS now to get extra.  I had refused to buy coins but ...... disappointing disappointedrage.  Thank you for letting us know the reality of what we need to get through this update. wink


From: AEGram


There's hope on the horizon......Spring Event will soon start. 

There will be HOSs that will yield 250 coins when that time.............set aside all leveling up and just do as many friends' rooms each day as you can. You will be amazed at the amount of coins, stamps, airship items, and pet food you will amass.

Also......I implore you!!!! .... Please, please, please reconsider selling stamps for coins. The new to-craft items require a boatload of stamps for each one. AND, you have to craft one of them 3x, 3 of them 2x, but will only craft Crumple-Horned Elk one time.

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Thanks for the information.  You have been very helpful and the Spring Event can't come soon enough for me prayrelaxed


From: AEGram


You're welcome.

Just some additional unsolicited advice for during regular play. As you level up, you will eventually come to a point where you cannot advance to the next quest because the location you need to go is in "cooldown." Rather than use diamonds to open that area sooner, immediately go into each and every HOS you have open. That will build up coins, stamps, a bit of inventory, and pet food.

From about level 40-50 on, you should have sufficient rooms available to continue to play while the HOS you need cools down. It will then be ready for you to work on that next quest.

To avoid just going into an HOS that needs to be opened soon, look at the character quests at the end of the MC Game Guide to see which HOSs you will be sent to first. Do those immediately after you get to your "impasse" so that will not further delay you with proceeding with the character quests.

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From: AEGram


Also, when I first started playing the game, I would open a new Pinfeathers quest....go as far with the first character as I could go. Then I would go to the next character and go as far with that one as well. 

This process will do you no harm until you reach the Level 60's. For some reason to play the game in this manner has caused the game to lock up or prevent an item from the new content being loaded into a previous HOS. These problems result in contacting technical support to assist.

So, when players start Level 60, it's best to play all quests by the first character before opening quests for the next one.

Also.....when the Side Quests are available starting with Level 69, it's okay to continue to play them to build up Destiny Keys before continuing your leveling up. However, when you do restart the character quests, please be sure to have all Side Quests closed/completed. Many players have been sent to the Storyteller Cat, for instance, for a character quest. If he was left open in a Side Quest, the character quest sometimes doesn't load to override that Side Quest. Again, technical support is required to resolve this issue.