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Android update Warning    Welcome!

Started Feb-24 by Janna (McCastles); 321 views.
Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


Update on Android 

Is available at playstore to update manuell. 

It is 2/2 which is fast and

8/8 which is veeery slooow about 15 to 20 minutes each game.


your other castles on the same divice will start to download themselves by opening the game and will need as well about that long.


better gift in all your games 


you download. 

My games over level 90 had 10/10.

So it is high level content

and my guess

a CC to start soon. 

Better careful than sorry,


start playing after a download.

First change your pet and its position.

Exit your game the proper way.

Enter your game and check on the pet.

Only when you find the pet in the position you swaped it to it is safe to play.

As otherwise you are at risk to lose your received gifts and day work.

Happy gaming