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COINS!!!   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Feb-28 by Mara1022; 3414 views.

From: Tannie2018


I made Mechanical Heart to help get coins. It takes 2 components & stamps. I put them on my wish list, and friends helped supply the items I needed. That was before event rooms gave so much coin, so back in those days it was way worse than today.


From: RBL37


I just have to tell you that your tip changed my puzzle game!! I had tried everything else I had read (and even tried some of my own) but couldn't nail ANYTHING down. Then I remembered what you had posted. It took me a couple of tries but I'll be d@mned your discovery absolutely worked!!! Not every time BUT I counted and out of 13 "plays" I got 11 of them right!! Two times I actually made it from beginning (coins) to end (for me an egg or other higher value need) with only using the "try again" feature 1x in each series. So THANK YOU for posting this. At least for tonight I felt like I had a leg up on that cute lil' sneaky b@st@rd!!!! L ;~))

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From: katiek2


I know - it sounds ridiculous, but it works!!  I'm so glad you tried it and it worked for you too.  I rely on it to replenish my diamonds when I have to use them to call an airship back.  Good luck in the future.


From: AEGram


katiek2 said:

This is going to sound silly, but I recreated the motions of putting something in one hand, then hiding my hands behind my back, changing the hand the item was in (or not), then holding my arms out in front.  Then I watch how the kid's shoulders move, first as he puts the item behind his back, then as he brings his arm forward.  It works a good 90% of the time, maybe more.

I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, but everything is the same on the puzzle screen...

1. The item goes into one hand .... left or right.

2. The right shoulder rises; the left shoulder rises.

3. The right shoulder rises; the left shoulder rises.

4. The hands are presented in front of the urchin for a selection. (The left hand is always presented followed by the right hand when the hands come from behind the back)

So.....the rising and falling of the shoulders is the exact same regardless of which hand the item is inserted. Whether the hand enlarges to perhaps the indication of something in that hand is also irrelevant. That hand can be empty as well as have an item in it.

But.....if someone thinks they see some sort of difference and can make an accurate guess most of the time, I'm all for it. 

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From: RBL37


Hi katiek2 - Somehow I wound up back on this page. Wasn't my intention but since I'm here I just wanted to tell you that there is absolutely something to what you said. In my game the little guy does not always shrug R to L then R to L. Sometimes he shrugs the L one 1st. I can't speak to anyone else's game but I can say that mine is not like the other person's game who indicated the pattern is always R to L then R to L. There is something in the rhythm to which hand the item is placed in, which shoulder shrugs first, etc. Never in 5 years have I gone through multiple complete levels of hand swaps with that kiddo and been able to do all levels without screwing up and then do it all over again. So I stand by what I said. I never claimed it was right all of the time but its a whole lot more right than anything else I tried. I commend you for posting what you found to work for you. People are free to try and see what works for them. Keep doing you.

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From: katiek2


Thank you - I appreciate the support.

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From: Honeyphan


I agree - and sometimes (in my game anyway) he shrugs the same shoulder twice (I think that is when he is holding it in his hand, not switching - bluffing - there are also different sounds made during the shrug - it's a slower swish. lol) - I had written down the pattern for each loss or win I had up until the reveal - and after figuring it out, also figuring out it changes after every 7 or 8 turns. Usually. Sometimes it stays the same.

I had different patterns I wrote down for how the boy would switch them (the first letter the starting hand) - RRL, (right, right, left) and LLR, and RLR, and LRL - and also what would come after each of these first ones for sure, to almost always get the diamonds - and soon I would see a pattern that formed and remained for at least 7 or 8 games.

example: RRL, LRL, RRR, LRR  - so I would write that in one area

If I got the second chance (I only did that if I failed the first round, so almost always got the diamonds)- I would write what the reveal showed for the first (which I lost) and the 2nd (that's how I knew what came third on each of these)

Then if he started with the LRR - I had another area where I had written that pattern, and so on. More often than not, I was right to go by what I had written.

I had an area where I wrote the sets to refer to - one page showing the LLR and all that I had that came after (all that I got to), another page showing LRL, etc -

But I also wrote down a list of what the pattern was each time, so I could detect the changes and soon learned how to figure out when the change would come. How many times a sequence was repeated, etc.

My list looked something like this - for four puzzles played:





(those that had only two showing I had not gotten to the third round yet, having only gotten thru the second).

I know it probably all sounds really involved and difficult, but it's not.

With my method, I won approx. 100 diamonds each day (in sets of 5), depending on how many puzzles played, loads of tickets and items and eggs (though I usually only was able to get to the third level and only won the last round 1 out of every 10 games played, approximately), the egg which I used, gave to friends, or to the consortium. :)

My reward plan to get an egg and diamonds - almost always got me the 5 diamonds - first I put on a unique ticket (the brown one), then one of the really expensive items (such as one that is a ZZ item - like the soaring fire? (cannot remember the name offhand - it's the golden sun with pointy rays) - or the claw necklace, which I grew weary of doing the masthead over and over again, so would usually put that on my list first - lol) and then an egg. - and that is the order it generally showed for the games - though sometimes, depending on how expensive the item, the ticket came 2nd.

I haven't played a puzzle in quite a while though - and have no idea where my list is - I may have to start again. lol

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