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Started Mar-1 by Mara1022; 692 views.

From: Mara1022


Hey all!  

I need to know how you all have more than one room open.  Do you actually have a game started for each room you have?  I have plenty of keys to unlock rooms and HOS inside them, but I don't understand how to have  more than one open at a time.  

Any help in this regard would be most appreciated.  Thanks and have fun in the Castle!!


From: AEGram


I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you talking exclusively about the Private Rooms? If so:

No, you don't start a new game for each room. Basically, you just need one Golden Key from Trina's quest to unlock the room. Inside the room are slots that you you can use various amounts of Golden Keys to unlock, but it isn't necessary to unlock any of the slots to actually use/play the HOSs in any of those rooms. The HOSs are just available during the events; no key necessary to unlock them.

Each player can choose which private room to display; however, only one can be displayed at a time. I could literally go there, and change the room presented to my friends any number of times during an hour, but only one at a time.

Please clarify your question if this doesn't answer it.

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From: Mara1022


Thanks AEGram!  That answers 1/2 of my question.  I didn't even know it had 2 parts to until you answered it.  lol

OK - so I have opened several (yes) Private rooms for the Spring event and I understand now that I make them available to other players but only 1 at a time.  Got it!  

Here's the 2nd part.  How is it some players have several rooms open at the same time?  They must have more than one game going, right?  So I started another game (not at level 13 yet, but really close) and I invited my first game host (me 1) to be a friend of my second game host (me 2) and accepted the invitation.  

Now I'll take the next step when I get to level 13 with the 2nd, I guess.  I'm so bad at asking questions.  lol

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi Mara

You are correct. Players that appear to have multiple rooms open at the same time are really just players with multiple games.