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Friends of Janna McCastles   Friends

Started Mar-1 by Janna (McCastles); 186 views.
Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


Dear friends,

since 3 days l m looked out of all games on tablet #1.

So no gifts and egg transfer from it possible for now.

I am still trying hard to get my B games on tablet #2 ready to replace my crashed games.

As big fish was only offering nearly plain games for the loss of levels and lost stuff.

If this wont be possible l will try to get the transfer to tablets #3 and #4.

I already opened new games and getting them up to an open private room and key for SE room. As it might take big fish long to be able to transfer. So at least in the meantime  these new games have lots of airship items and stamps for gifts and the newest spring room to use. Going to invite you asap over.

Thank you so much in helping me to pile up my B games. Still far away of what was on my A games sniff, sniff but getting there slowly thanks to you my dear friends.