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Get 20 Pet Medallions in 24 Hours   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Mar-3 by Katijay (Katijay46); 1242 views.

You can get them feeding pets or completing DQ's...this CC is brutal and know a lot of people just may not want to finish this one...


From: Honeyphan


The best pets to feed for a chance to get the medallions back being the snow griffin and the winged cat. Good-natured hedgehog is a good one too for this. :)

(an aside: Just looked at my pet list - and somehow I got a baby elephant on there! I guess it was for an achievement - which I don't remember getting - it must have been during one of the events when I was rushing through - lol - but it is so darn cute!)

ETA- Here's a more comprehensive list - copied from Pet tells thread. :)

For Iron:

Good-Natured Hedgehog (6 Simple Food)

Iron Chest: 70%

Emerald Dragon (10 Rare Food) / Pensive Spider (3 Rare Food)

Iron Chest: 60% 

Egghead Owl  (12 Special Food) / Purring Manticore (8 Simple Food)

Iron Chest: 55%

Baby Mammoth (5 Simple Food) / Black Cat (8 Simple Food) / Flap-Eared Puppy (8 Simple Food) / Silly Seal (8 Simple Food) / Spotted-Winged Parrot (10 Special Food) / Winged cat (8 Special Food)

Iron Chest: 50%

Hopping Tiger (5 Special Food)

and for wooden:

Snow Griffin (5 Simple Food)

Wooden Chest: 90%

Jack-in-the-box (5 Unique Food) / Winged cat (8 Special Food)

Wooden Chest: 50% 

Card Guard  (8 Simple Food)

  • Edited March 3, 2021 3:42 pm  by  Honeyphan
In reply toRe: msg 1

My DQ had an air shipment so did not take that route...I had to feed 37 pets to get my 20 medallions and I couldn't believe the number that did not give medallions...I had read somewhere that the wooden and iron chests would give medallions and I had so many that didn't...

Thank you for adding this information and am hoping it will help snow griffin did not give me any the ones that gave me the most was the high feed ones...

In reply toRe: msg 1

I normally don't like to complain, but I never expected this CC to be that difficult...I already reported on my upper level game and this is what happened to my lower level game (53)...this game also had an air shipment in the first DQ so did not do that took 34 tries to get my 20 medallions...

Snow Griffin   -  Wood  0   Baby Mammoth  - Iron  2

Bouncy Squirrel  - Iron  1   Holiday Sphinx  - Iron 1

Hoppy Tiger    Iron 1   The Black Puppy  - Iron 2

Humpty Dumpty  Iron - 0  White Bear  W -1

Nimble Squirrel   Iron - 1  Pensive Spider  W  2

Pink Piggy  Iron -1  Panda  Iron 2 

Purring Mantor Iron  2   Red Cardinal  Iron   1

Snail  Iron  o   Parrot  Iron  3   I originally had a 3 count on the Sphinx, but my computer shut down and didn't count it and when I used him again I only got the one...sorry...just a little venting...


From: Witeaynjil


I think it's easier to just craft pet food. It takes 5 medallions to craft one pet food so you only have to do four of them. If I have accumulated medallions I just use them up crafting food and then use diamonds for the next four I craft. It takes 20 diamonds, but far easier and better (I think, anyway) than using up a lot of pet food and using pets to try to get 20 medallions. That could take quite a while and use up a lot of pet food.

I learned that trick way to late I have thousands of pet medallions...would take me a week to sell them off!!... wish we could put them on wish list so we could give them away...

In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Energyworker


I tried several of your suggestions. I don't see how crafting  pet food gives pet medallions as I have rec'd none from this method. I waited until day change for my DQ not to have the dice game as mine only had 2 turns left instead of the req'd 3 so was stuck.

Snow Griffin, Jack in the Box, Hopping Tiger, Sphinx, and Hedgehog gave me no medallions while Baby Mammoth, Winged Cat, Pensive Spider did. The most I got was 2 each from Winged Cat and Pensive Spider. None of these animals do I usually use. I don't have endless food to try all the animals mentioned, have always less than 15. A lot of the ones mentioned used the least expensive food so you would have to have a lot of that kind accumulated. I am up to 15 medallions to start off today.

Update: Tried Sphinx today and got one medallion.

Cook - wooden - 1

I believe to get pet medallions from crafting food you actually have to have no pet medallions and then you buy them when you go to craft the food.  The ones you buy count towards the challenge. 


From: AEGram


Energyworker said:

I don't see how crafting  pet food gives pet medallions as I have rec'd none from this method.

Only when you totally run out of Pet Medallions will you be offered to purchase them for one diamond each as you craft pet food.

To complete this task required working 1 Daily Quest and feeding 21 pets.

Katijay -- while it is true that only the wooden, iron, and exclusive pet chests will/can give a pet medallion, there's no guarantee that you will actually receive one.